Has anyone got any cool riddles?

I only know two.

As I was going to St ives

I met a man with Seven wives

The Seven wives carried seven sackes

and in each sack there were seven cats

How many ere going to St Ives.


If i walk forward I face north

If i turn left and walk forward i face north

If i turn left again and walk forward i face north

and so on

A bear walks passed

What colour is it?

There’s one going to St. Ives–yourself.

The bear is white–he’s a polar bear and you’re at the North Pole.


Wouldn’t that be the south pole. At the North pole you would be facing south all the time.

You’re absolutely right! :eek: The joke was told incorrectly; it’s supposed to be at the north pole. There are no bears at the south pole.

Ahh well its how it was told to me…


U know any riddles? :tongue: :cool: :cool_laugh: :grin:

No, I don’t know any riddles. :sad:

There was that one that was told in a myth to save a city or something I believe:

What creature walks on fours when it is born,
walks on twos most of it’s life,
and three before it dies?

I forget the wording or the exact content, but it goes something like that.

Er i dunno that one…


Try this one

There are three sons two fathers and on grandfather standing in a line.

How many are there in the line?

HA :grin:

kmcdonald: The creature that told that riddle is the Sphinx, who was defeated by Oedipus in that famous, disturbing myth.

The answer is that man crawls on all fours as a baby, walks on two legs as a man, and walks with a cane as an old man. I believe the wording goes something like “what has four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?”

Jesta: There are three men in the line. All of them were born, so they had to be sons. One of them is a grandfather, and since two had children, they’re both fathers.

this is more a logic problem then a riddel, but is good so here goes

you have two piece of rope each takes one hour to burn from one end to the other, they don’t have the same length and they don’t burn with a constant speed.

how do you use the rope to measure out 45 min ?

That rope one is a toughie. Here’s my answer. First of all, I know the reason 45 minutes is selected is because it is 3/4 hours. And since that’s less than one hour, you know it has something to do with burning ropes faster than from one end. The only way to do that is burning from both ends, which takes half an hour, or 2/4 hours.

So if you do that with one rope, you measure out 2/4 hours, leaving 1/4 to be measured. The only way to measure 1/4 is to get half of a half…

So you have to take one piece of rope, burn it at one end, and after a half hour, burn both ends. That gives you 3/4 hours, or 45 minutes. Of course, the only way you would know when the half hour is up is to use the other rope, burning it at both ends from the very beginning.

Okay… :bored:

  1. Take rope #1 and burn at one end.
  2. Take rope #2 and burn at both ends.
  3. After half an hour, rope #2 is gone.
  4. Burn rope #1 from the other end.
  5. When rope #1 is gone, 45 minutes have past.

What a waste of rope. :sad:

Riddles!!! :grin: Riddles are my specialty.
Here’s one of my favorites, but you’d
probably get it if you read lord of the
rings. Anyways:

Alive without breath,
As cold as death.
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
All in mail, never clinking.
Thinks an island is a mountain,
Thinks a fountain is a puff of air,
So sleek so fair.

You probably got that one right off,
Here’s another one anyways,

Through wind and rain I always play,
I roam the earth, yet here I stay;
I crumble stones, and fire cannot burn me;
Yet I am soft - you can gauge me with your hand.

I think that one’s my favorite. He he. :content:

I’ve heard of these. My favorite’s probably the one about time.

The first one’s a fish, the second one’s the ocean.

Ok try this one…

You are in a cold dark room. :shy: You have only one match. In the room there is also an oil lamp, twigs, paper and some straw. Which one do you light first? HA :cool: :cool_laugh: :grin:

Damn,this tooke me a while gg
The match of course!

Ok,this one´s from me:

Three man get caught in a war.The prisoners are bound at three trees, that form a triangle.
They are told:
“I have 4 flags, 1 is black and 3 are white.Above each of you will be on flag, so that you can´t see it.But you can see the flags that are above the heads of your two companions.Those who guess which colour their own flag is will be let free.If you give your friends a sign, all of you will die”

The prisoners think about it for some time, and suddenly they shout almost at the same time: “Mine is a white flag”
And all of them are freed.

How did they solve the riddle?


Traumganger, if you look at it from the view of one of the soldiers, it seems easy:

“Hmm, the two people I can see both have white flags over their heads. Since neither is black, I could have a black flag or a white flag over my head. But, if I had a black flag over my head, they would have been able to deduce that they had a white flag over their head (either of them). Since they haven’t said anything, I must have a white flag over my head.”

I like that one! :happy:

A boat is at a dock. The water is 5 feet from the walking area of the dock. Every hour, the water will rise one foot. If after 2 hours the water is 3 feet from the deck of the boat and 3 feet from the walking area of the dock, how close was the water to the deck of the boat originally?

5 feet? Thats probably wrong cause it seems too easy…

Ok Try This one

Aladin wants to marry the kings daughter but the king disagrees. But he does care for his daughter so he decides to put aladin to a test. He tells him that he must pick one of two envolopes. One will contain marry and the other will contain banished. But because of the kings loathing of aladin he summons the genie. He asks the genie to make sure that both envelopes contain banish and who ever opens them will magically dissapear. ALadin hears this and makes a plan. What does he do?