riding shotgun

i’m sure this topic has come up before, but i didn’t know which terms to search for, so… here’s a new thread :yinyang:

this morning i had an interesting experience. my subconscious was in the driver’s seat and doing its thing in the dream world. i realized i was dreaming but didn’t say “oh i’m dreaming” whenever i say/think/realize that my conscious mind takes the driver’s seat

so i felt kinda like i was lucidly watching my non-lucid subconscious operate. i was still thinking logically like "wow how long has this dream going on ??? " and "what exactly is my subconscious having me do ??? "

and then i just decided that it was my turn to drive and took over the wheel. it was definitely a unique experience.

for people who have had such experiences do you have any insights on the benefits of “riding shotgun” ??? i’m sure there are benefits, it seems like there should be, but i can’t think of many, thx :yinyang:

I’ve had a few dreams of driving a car while sitting in the rear seat, finding it strange why I only get to drive like this…

So you realized that you were lucid but, in stead taking control of things you decided to just sit back and let the dream progress on its own without controlling it. Is that correct?

I have never done that yet. Once lucid, I can’t resist, I immediately start to change things. Though there are time’s when I would just give my dream a push in the direction I want it go and found that to be fun. Watching what your subconscious comes up with from there.

Just a thought:
Some people believe that your ND are messages from your sub conscious and are your minds way of expressing some unmet need or what ever. many people believe that you can learn more about your self by analyzing your dreams. If you have beliefs that are similar to these, by staying lucid but, doing nothing to control or direct the dream you would be in a better position to analyze the dream when you wake up.

that happens to me when I OBE sometimes… if I let myself just float out of my body often times I’m taken places or bounce around my room against my will… I can still seize control though, and my thoughts seem to greatly influence what happens… but once i went out my window flying a long long way over some landscape and i discovered to close my eyes got me there a lot faster, everything blurred… i ended up flying over a pool with digimon looking monsters and then i stopped… like i was at my destination and in control… but lack of confidence made me fall in the pool and get attacked

usually i don’t leave my house if i let it take control though… but it’s hard not to influence where you go by thinking.

That sounds a little more like a LD than a OBE. I have never had one but, from what I understand with OBE you don’t really have control over anything.

thx for the responses everyone. i dunno, i was thinking of something like maybe using this for something you can’t accomplish consciously, so you take the passenger seat and suggest that your conscious self do it for you, then when it does you say “thx” and take the wheel again

it sounds plausible in my head… shrug

  1. Freud.

  2. Jung.


In my first LD, I will summon Freud and kill him, slowly. :content:

Who’s Jung by the way?


  1. from my experience this is no distinction between OBE and LD other than that OBE you either voluntarily or involuntarily exit your body and feel exit sensations, and LD you either go INSIDE your body/mind, or… just fall asleep into it… and that OBE sometimes are more realistic looking than LDs, becuase you enter your room and all… and you know what your room looks like to a degree.

  2. i had vibrations and normal exit sensations, and started out in a realistic environment.

and from my OBEs, you have all the control you want unless you let yourself separate automatically, which is a great feeling… and after you do you can take control.

you might be thinking oF NDE s maybe… supposedly you just kind of have really intense uncontrolled experiences with them.

Jung was an apprentice of Freud’s who took a more spiritual/paranormal look at things. He believed all our unconsciouses are interlinked via the collective unconscious, and (i think) that a lot of our dream symbols are influenced by archetypes that all people share in common.

Such as black = evil… black hooded guys = evil/death… superheros with exaggerated strengths… those kinds of things.

He also believed (i’m not sure, freud might have too) that inside each person is a repressed self of the oppsite sex.

For males it would be the anima, and for females, the animus.

I think he also thought that our “shadow” was a sort of opposite unconscious personality which kept balance with our conscious personality…

I know he thought of the shadow, but i’m not quite sure if that is what it was.

We never really talked about him much in my psych class… unfortunately…

I believe a lot of what Freud talked about, too though, just not to the extremes of everything in a dream holding sexual signifiance, etc… and I’m not too sure about a tangible ego, super ego, and id, either.