Right brained or left brained?

Take the quiz from the URL below, then answer “Are you right brained, Or left brained?”

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Are you right brained or left brained?
Take the Hemispheric Dominance test and find out.

From this test at:
I found out that I am right brained. Out of 18 questions it said “You responded as a right brained person to 10 questions, and you responded as a left brained person to 8 questions.” I wonder what it would say if I was 9 questions even. Paralleled brain?

I really agree with how it summarizes with:

Types of Cognitive Processing are in bold. The types are: Linear Vs. Holistic Processing, Logical Vs. Intuitive, Sequential Vs. Random Processing, Verbal Vs. Nonverbal Processing, Symbolic Vs. Concrete Processing, Reality-Based Vs. Fantasy-Oriented Processing

There is also a visual test that I have yet to take. The page says “Try the visual test while using a binaural beat alpha and then alpha and see what happens!” … hmmm, seems like a bit of a typo. Alpha and then alpha? :eh: It can be found here:
Visual Hemispheric Dominance test

Actually, I just stumbled across this site, http://www.web-us.com/brain/ , and it has lots of cool stuff for me to try out. The main page also directs to some interesting stuff, http://www.web-us.com

… I’m off to play with the visual test :smile:

Wow! this is amazing. :cool_laugh:
I was playing with the visual test. First let me say that it takes some “eye practice.” Luckily, I’m good with those “stereogram” computer generated pictures that look like static, but if you focus on them a 3d picture appears. You can learn about stereograms here: eyetricks.com/3dstereo.htm

If you feel comfortable “crossing your eyes” then you should pick up on this test quickly. I easily seen that I was right-brain dominate, but I could change it at will. Which was pretty neat.

Then I broke out my BrainWave Generator , that’s when the fun began. :smile: I set the built-in preset to “Schumann Resonance” and started to focus on the visual test. Wow! to my amazement the colors shifted slowly but rhythmically. About every 2 seconds my brain altered from left side to right side. I could interupt it, but if I relaxed it would always shift. Really neat stuff!

12 “right-brain”-answers, 6 “left-brain”-answers, that makes me even more right-brained than you DreamAddict!

The biggest evidence of me being “right brained” is that I had BIG difficulties with answering all those multiple choice-questions,often I would like to answer both! I’m so holistic that I have difficulties with the right-brain-separation itself. Nobody is really “left-brained” or “right-brained”, however those concepts can be useful as pointers to various personality differences in reality. The result now is 12-6, but it could also be 10-8, 9-9 or even 8-10.

The funny thing is that I have found my ideal job to be the job I’m doing now, which is programming. This is supposed to be the most left-brained profession possible, very precise, good logical skills are necessary or you can’t write a decent program. But I enjoy it very much and it probably makes me a more balanced person, a person with attention to the whole but also to the details. I don’t reject logic anymore like I used to do in a distant past, and I consider holistic “spiritual” stuff as helpful when logic cannot give answers anymore, instead of just throwing logic away from the beginning (many New Age theories are so fuzzy exactly because of their immediate rejection of the “left” half of the picture). On the other hand meditating, the practice of paying attention to all perceptions/feelings/thoughts that come and go without taking thoughts and assumptions about reality for granted (just watching) keeps me from becoming a nerdy order-and-logic-freak, so I can stay in touch with my “subjective” experience which is non-logical by nature (is pain logical? is joy logical?) instead of rejecting it and pasting a narrow “logical” picture on reality (the trap of confusing concepts with the reality they describe).

Thanks for the test DA!

Well, I am left-brained with 14 to 4 questions, and I feel that the description of left-brained fits more correctly on me than the ones you have DreamAddit

I will absolutely agree on that I am a logical person which likes to organize things in categories. Nothing more to say :grin:

I tried the test. I had a little bit more right-brained answers than left-brained, but can you explain me one thing?

English isn’t my native language… What does “hunches” mean? I tried looking it up, but i didn’t really understand what they meant with the 2 questions were the word is used.

That circle-thing is interesting! After some excersize, and with bwgen running, i could make a cross with it in about 20-30 seconds, then it started to shift with an interval of 3-5 secs.

My dictionary both says that hunch means a kind of a lump, and is US slang for when you get a feeling of that something is wrong/you should do something without actually knowing what it is.

Ok… this is what I got:

You responded as a right brained person to 4 questions, and you responded as a left brained person to 14questions. According to the Hemispheric Dominance test, you use your left brain the most. The summary briefly describes your dominance type. Remember, this only represents half of the picture. After you read the description, click on the link at the bottom of the page to find out how to use this information to improve your study strategies. Do not forget to print your results, if your instructor has requested you to do so.

Some of the traits associated with the left side of the brain are listed in the table. Not all of the traits will apply to you. Remember, we use both side of our brain, but your left sides gets the most exercise.

Type of Cognitive Processing
Brief Description

Linear Processing information from part to whole; in a straight forward logical progression.
(my comment: I think this came from me sitting at the left, I always think things should go left to right and if I had to choose one eye, I’d pick the left… it’d just feel weird with only a right eye…)

Sequential Processing information in order from first to last.
(mycomment:… same as above really)

Symbolic Processes symbols an pictures; likes to use letters, words and mathematical symbols.
(my comment:…yeah… maybe… :neutral: )

Logical Processes information piece by piece using logic to solve a problem.
(my comment: yeah I totally agree with this one, mostly from the time I was trying to learn C++ and gave up horribly :grin: . I’d like to know WHY something happens and fully understand it or I’d get confused)

Verbal Processes thoughts and ideas with words.
(my comment:…dunno)

Reality-Based Processes information based on reality; focuses on rules and regulations

(my comment:… this makes me sound boring doesn’t it? :content: )

I couldn’t do that Visual thing… my eyes just… either wouldn’t go cross-eyed enough, or it’s these damn glasses!!! breaks glasses uh-oh…

Ulrik, hunches are like… kind of… if you FEEL something is going to happen… or…

like… it’s kinda hard to explain…

Well SeanIRL you got excatly the same as me. Actually, like I understand it, there are only like two or three kinds of listings you can get, one if you are left-dominated, one if you are right-dominated (and possibly one if you are 50-50%)

ummmm,well.just wanted to say its not a horoscope like thing so its kinda funny when you agree with summarizes.They are based on your answers(left brained person says this and this…right brained ones will have difficulty with taht and that).Summarize will allways fit.
But apart from pretending that im wiser than you i just wanted to say i liked those pages.Fineally something interesting to do on long winter evenings.

Im right brained. Disorganized and not at all logical. Thats me alright.

Well i got 16 left side and 2 right side. I don’t know if it was too accurate though because when i was answering the questions i could easily tell if they were right or left answers. And sometimes i wanted a different answer in between the two choices.
The logic summary is accurate though.

I got exactly half and half. Dunno what that means, but the test probably isnt that accurate anyway.

Hunch - An intuitive feeling or a premonition: had a hunch that he would lose.

funny you mention that, I was going to look “hunches” up on dictionary.com when I read that sentece. It surprised me because I have not seen it in writing before, I think. It made me curious how it would be defined.

Well, It’s a personality test of sorts. I agree that the results of the test seem to fit my personality. Especially, “Random - Processing information with out priority, jumps form one task to another.” That is so true, I have had people tell me that I need to concentrate on one thing and finish it before moving on to the next “project.” I always hop back and forth. “Holisitc - Processing information from whole to part; sees the big picture first, not the details.” that seems to fit me well also. :smile: Different personality test deem different results, this test I agree with … other personality test I have not agreed with.

I don’t agree fully with this test, and other test of this nature. I could be any one of these “descriptions” at any time. I do however seem to be “dominated” by the traits that they explain. That’s pretty cool.

Using the BwGen with the visual test is really neat. It’s the first time I’ve got to actually see the BwGen at work. The page ask you to hold this balance for 45 minutes a day. Yeah right!! My eyes can only take 3 mintues. :cool:

I’m glad you all seem to like it, I thought it was something interesting enough to share. Take-care! :smile:

Aaargh! Dream Addict’s visual test site is impossible for me. I can do all the cross-visual pictures, but I can make the circle complete!!!
Do I have to be high to get it? :flower:

I’m about as far left as you can go: 17 to 1. Any more and I could be an official vulcan :content:

That Hemispheric Dominance test is really quite interesting. Without putting in any effort, it goes from blue to red every second or two. If I concentrate on it, I can get it to stay as EITHER blue or red. I can’t, however, get it to remain half-half (showing a cross) for longer than a few seconds.

I think they’re asking a little bit too much from the training instructions. 45 Minutes per day? Ha! I think not. :wink:

14 - 4: I have left brain dominance and that seems to fit me :wink:

However, visually I seem to be more equal, with a slight left eye (right brain) dominance. :eh:

Could this be one of those drummer messed-up-brain things? I have done some practising lately where I shifted my left/right hand during drumgrooves. (left hand hi-hat/right hand snare drum instead of the other way around). :alien:

I tought the right brained would be the dominate one on this site. Guess I was wrong.

I don’t know why I tougth so, but I did.

I found myself right brained on the test. That I knew. I have never keept order in stuff, and do things when I feel like doing it, and I love to brake theoretical rules.

I also tied the visual test. I have too played with stereograms (even made them) so it went smooth. The picture was stedy with a cross for 5 sec at first before it started altering at 0.25Hz

Said I was left-brained…
The odd thing is that I write right-handed but am left-footed and left-handed in sports (like hockey)…

/me erases date on last post.

Muahahahaha! This topic shall be raised from the dead! :cool_laugh:

You won’t believe this guys, but the test says I’m left brained. Is it just me, or do you think this thing’s rigged? :razz:

holy crap wolf! you’ve been digging!

i do not like mine to much… i got 0 right and 18 left…

so i am a total lefty… im a little worried if the right side of my brain is even functional. cries