ripped silver chord

Has anyone ever touched or damages their self’s silver chord in an astral projection. if you did how did it affect u ?

I think it does nothing except the worst thing that can happen is that you return to your body because you damaged yourseld or/and your exhausted.

yea i agree with sepultura. though i dont know all too much about asteral projection, i have heard that you sever your chord when you die, so i think that damaging it would just put you back in your body or its a mind thing. i duno, any experts on asteral projection with any inputs out there?

Weren’t there people on this forum who ripped/cut their silver cords over and over again and never died?

Note: I have no idea who, but I read someone saying something alike a long time a go :happy:

There are tons of beliefs and litterature about the silver cord, what it is connected to, what is its elasticity, what it’s made of, what you can do with it, etc. yet there are very few people who saw it indeed.

And just google “silver cord” and you’ll see there are quite no reports of seeing it, except in books excerpts. It’s so rare indeed that on some astral forums, they even do no more believe in it.

What’s a silver chord?

I agree with Basilus. Not everyone experiences the chord, so doing something to it may not have any effects at all.

The silver cord is something which is supposed to link your physical body to your astral/etherical (?) body.

Aaah, I see… thank you.

I still believe in the silver cord. I just don’t think it actually looks like a cord. I know some have described it that way. I see it as an extension.

If I could describe with a picture what I see, I’d direct you guys to the northern light effect Q has on the top of this forum.

Did you see the silver cord during an OBE, Iluminada?

I haven’t practiced OBE’s in a while. many many years.

What i do remember was looking at myself from my ceiling in my bedroom, at the time. My ceiling had a slant in it and when i was at the flat part I remember a swoosh like from my body to where I was. Similar to what you’d leave on a canvas if you were to paint just one stroke.

To my understanding three criteria have to meet to make someone experience the “silver cord.” First, you have to have an OBE, that is, going through the process of separation (subjective or not) that detaches your dream body from the sleeping position. Second, you have to feel a force that try to pull you back into you body. Third, you have to be observant enough, not just crawling away in a hustle. By simply turning back and probing around with your dream hands the pull will be automatically interpretated as a cord like extension of your dream body.

I did weird things with my cord, a couple of times even eat it lol

I don’t remember ever seeing a silver chord. My friend who can AP at will has never seen a silver chord either, so I’m wondering if the chord is more a subconscious worry about being disconected from the physical body too long and dying that is manifesting as the infamous silver chord.

It should be noted that neither I nor my friend had known about the silver chord prior to APing.

Most of my APs weren’t intentional and I haven’t done it for a long time now. As far as my few accidental obe’s go, I haven’t seen a silver chord in those either. shrugs

Neither have I, unfortunately. But I want to keep this topic going, so I will describe everything I know about the silver cord.

In the permissive state I usually cannot see but am able to perceive my surroundings with a radar like sense, and also able to hear noises from the waking world in a distorted and echoed form (probably from two position at the same time). The most noticable thing though is my breathing which is very loud and seems to come from every direction.

In my experiences the cord appears like a smooth, rubber like cable, somewhere between 2 and 5 cm in diameter. It is usually connected to the solar plexus region of my dream body whith slightly outflaring. If I rest my hand on it my hand will slowly move toward the supposed direction of my sleeping body. The cable itself feels smooth and organic, like a tendon or an outstretched gut.

In this form it excerts a ruthless pull on my dream body rendering it to a weighless puppet. It’s very tempting to give up an attempt in this state, however, the pull rapidly decreases with distance, as well as the double consciousness that usually comes with this state. So at the end, no superhuman will is needed for making the escape.

I’ve noticed that the cable’s attachment point has a tendency to move upwards by time and distance. Actually, the solar plexus cable I described above is just the first recognizable shape of an amorphous flow that appear at first below my navel at separation. This abdominal connection is made by a bunch of rubber like tiny filaments embedded in a honey like substance. As distance increases the attachment point shifts upwards and the cable becomes narrow. When it reaches the level of solar plexus on the dream body it turns into the agressive solar plexus cable I already described.

At the end of the cable stage I will either fall forward out of the pull, rip the cord apart or simply move further. As the connection point reaches the upper part of my chest on the dream body, I start to see. At this point the body may or may not be seen. In a typical scenario I would see a depression on the bed or a transparent pulsating cloud. A fake body that able to move or even getting up is also typical. I think I actually see myself from the previous or next separations as a typical OBE like this is multi-episodic.

After getting vision the cable may remain but doesn’t seem to be real anymore. Satisfying all my expectations it would slowly change shape and behavior and become an ordinary element of the dream. It may remain for a while because my dreaming mind just couldn’t let go of something that was previously perceived. I can bend it around objects, rip it apart or even eat it.

This is the state, I suppose, in which most dreamer face the cable. Due to hastle or fear, I suppose, they fail to consciously realize the cable’s presence. Subconsciously however, or at the periphery of their awareness, they are aware of it, so by the time when dream vision switches on at REM onset, the unconscious mind presents the dream state interpretation of the cord. It may look like an ordinary object, a headphone cable, or a shirt caught up in something or anything that make sense of the pull. Others consciously realize the raw nature of the pull but don’t use their dream senses to interpret it. As I already said, I used to try to “touch the pull” with my dream hands to render the raw energetic sensations into pictures.

There are other types of the cord as well. One is more thinner and rarely connects to the body’s midline. It goes to greater muscle groups of my arm or and leg. Many times after I have woken up found twitching muscles in my arm right at the place where this type of cable was previously connected. It’s probably related to muscular bioplasm.

I think the main cable is both a dream interpretation of a regressive flow of displaced bioplasm / etheric substance as it is being saved back by the organism and the lacing point of the somatosensory phantom through which the dream body protrudes from the inner representation of the body image. This state wouldn’t be possible without the faulty work of the neuromatrix (a functional unit of the brain responsible for the generation of the body image). The brain’s resistance against rapid arousal change could be also involved and different attachment points and its migration may correspond with various arousal states. These processes may be all connected in a fundamental level that’s not yet understood and interpreted together as “silver cord” in dreams.

That Is Quite interesting. I want to get a bit off topic but this would be about the vibrations before the AP. As i was falling asleep before an LD i felt an up down vibration. IS the vibration coming from the brain and is mearly an illusion or am i really vibrating ?

during my OBE’s I haven’t, so far, ever seen a silver cord. that may not nessecarily mean we don’t haave them, though.

Off topic, as you said. :tongue: Vibrations may be reproduced in sleep laboratory by stimulating some parts of the brain with an electrical or magnetic field, so they come from the brain.

Your body is certainly not vibrating in that state. Vibrations may be primarly brain generated but that doesn’t mean they have no effect on the energy body as a whole or cannot be induced by manipulating the energy body per se. I suspect the primairy reason of vibrations to be theta/delta seizures in the somatosensory cortex (the part of the brain through which we perceive our body). We could, in theory, experience any kind of body sensation by stimulating this part of the brain.

It is not neccessary though to feel vibrations before an LD/OBE. With progress, the brain apparently learn to avoid the harmful seizures but mild “energy sensations” like light vibrations, ringing noises, warmth, rocking sensation, etc. remain. The mechanism behind this may be that the previously widespread seizure focus narrows down to the temporal lobes. Still, OBEs with stronger “etheric overlay” seem to be preceeded by stronger vibrations.

so far I too haven’t seen any cord with silver color. In my experience, the pull and exit blindness is necessary to perceive the cord. Try to feel for the pull, if any, right after separation by doing some hooking movements with your dream arms around your dream body. If you grab something, hold it and walk away until start to see. For some reason, the cord feels surprisingly natural and familar even at the first time.