Risks involved with taking Laughing Gas

That is what i mean by getting killed instantly. Of course, in reality it takes at least 5 minutes to actually die from lack of oxygen.

Well most ppl cant afford such a big container with n2o or can get such a container…Most ppl here at parties (illegal houseparties) breathe it from a prefilled small balloon…then the gass isnt cold and it isnt to much to die from also when you relax to much the balloon will get get free from your grib and fly away. I never heard so far with such balloons something went wrong.


Yup,while i was in Australia and worked in a club there i saw it goin on everynight.As a decorations we used those ballons which were constantly taken down by our fun loving guests and used as “look how funny i am” tools:)
Even tho they were all drunk,stoned and god knows what else it all looked to me like quite innocent fun:)
take care

I don’t know if this has been said yet, but Erowid.org has the best statement I’ve ever read on laughing gas. open ANY experience report and look at the paragraph erowid put at the top of the report. To summarize: There is no way to separate inhalant use from brain damage and organ damage.

If that is harmless, then I voted for Bill Clinton. Both times.

If it is really horrible, why would dentists be giving it out all the time? :eh:

uhm. … it doesn’t say that on top of the nitrous reports.

Good point Sage!


Ah good point Sage… I agree with Jeff. Anyways, I never have been under laughing gas before though because my dentist doesn’t believe in laughing gas so I suffer the pain. Ha ha ha. :wink: Not really… it’s not as bad as I thought.

Oh well. I think it’s ok if you’re very careful with it and as long as you know what you’re doing. :shrug:

As far as I am informed, there are two dangers involved with N2O. These are the vitamin B12 deficiency and lack of oxygen. The vitamin b12 deficiency can be prevented by taking supplements or just restricting your use to no more than about 5 hits a day. I was doing 10-20 hits a day and by about the 10th day when I would have a hit I would get shooting pains up my sides in my arms and I would get headaches. This is when I knew I was getting nerve damage. There was a guy in the newspaper her who was doing 100 a day and he became paralysed(no, not from laughing). If you take a breath inbetween each breath of nitrous you won’t get any lack of oxygen.
In my opinion Nitrous Oxide is the safest drug. I have taken alot of Drugs.

Wow… Inhalants oh what a topic… I used to do them all the time. Never did nitrous oxide, mostly huffed things like butane gas found in air freshener cans or lighter refil cannisters. Very dangerous shit really. I use to smoke marijuana prior to doing inhalants. The effect I got was outer body, the hallucinations were insanly euphoric. Really addicting shit though.

I wouldn’t think nitrous would be much different, I believe most inhalants are pretty much the same, some just stronger than others. The reason inhalants make you high has to do with the somestance being volatile at room temperature, meaning that anything that can turn into a vapor at room temperature can make you high. This is why sniffing gasonline and glue give you the same high but are totaly different substances. The main danger is with inhalants is that if someone comes up behind you and surprises you or something, you can die instantly. Your heart stops beating. It has something to do with the startle reflex and whats going on in your brain with the inhalants.

I don’t really reccomend doing inhalants like air fresheners and gas and stuff but nitrous oxide is probably quite more refined… Don’t do it to much though, the shit about the nerve damage is true. I quit doing inhalants after it began to make my fingers and toes numb. After a year they still dont have much feeling… Really bad shit guys, take ecstacy instead your 500x less likely to die. I believe out of the millions of peoplethat take xtc each year only like 20 will die.

I don’t know about the dangers of the stuff (nitrous) but the last tme I was at the dentist, I was given nitrous, (the mask over my nose) at first I wasn’t feeling much from it, then the dentist turned it up to what he said was the highest he was allowed to put it, and left the room… came back a while later, did the work, and I left… I got out to my car, saw my parking ticket, looked at my watch, and realized that I had been breathing the stuff for 4 hours!! :happy: - felt like 20-30 minutes! HA!