Risks involved with taking Laughing Gas

I’m considering taking laughing gas, but I am not sure about the risks involved with it. Do you know if there are any?

You mean during a dental procedure or something of the sort? I had the laughing gas while having teeth pulled a few years ago. It didn’t seem to have any obvious effect on me; I felt the same as before. shrug I’m not aware of any risks involved with it.

There was a thread about this on a forum i lurked in a bit. Apperently some nurses and doctors play with it at their parties :smile:

The only risk is that if you have say a whole tube of gas that you breathe from you would not know when to stop (because of the effect of the gas). An then you would eventually die from lack of oxygen (the gas itself is not poisonous in any way). Their advice was to fill ballons with the gas and breathe air between your “trips”.

I hope this is not considered a drug-related question, mods? I mean the gas i totally harmless in itself, and not addictive. I have not tried it myself, im just telling what i have heard.

There’s always the risk of… laughing to death.

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It isn’t really a good idea to reply to posts about drug use (Yes, it is a drug) unless you can supply accurate information.

Zewu, find out as much about this as you can from medical or drug education websites before you decide whether you are willing to take it or not.

Try google search, look up: dangers nitrous oxide

I dont know about that Reality.failure…that would mean we also couldnt talk here about alcohol at the lounge.
Alcohol is also a drug…hard drug even and very addicting.
A science report from the uk showed that alcohol kills 6 times more ppl then alll other drugs and medications together.
So arent we then a bit hypocrite? Alcohol is ok but other drugs not?
I thougth always at the lounge we can talk about everything when it is with respect to others.
In this case i see no uhm direct problem.
Anybody could here also talk about cigarettes…and those are drugs to and many are addicted to it and enough die from it when older.

It is important to have good info and also to know very good why you take a drug anyway Zewu, and also look at dosages and not only to dangers…if we only look at dangers i wouldnt dare to be even in traffic or take a sunbath because the risk of skin cancer…what balance any risk is not only knowing the danger but also knowing that that danger is related to circumstances and in this case that is dosage and lung health.

If u cant relate to a dosage my advice is dont do it Zewu.
Because the dosage is directly related to the danger you find if u try.


Hm… this may be a little off topic, but I just finished an essay
to send to the big “Head Honchos” :gni: of the state stating why
I believed that the sale of tobacco in the U.S. has been a giant conspiracy to generate large amounts of money for the government. It had pretty good evidence in it. If you don’t see me in a few weeks, the FBI has definitely captured me in an attempt to keep their plans under wraps.

Er, so laughing gas only causes 100 deaths per year in the U.S… that’s not too many, right?! Considering all the people that die from tobacco and alcohol and all… but then again no one uses gas in the U.S. It’s all pot and crap. It’s my opinion that you shouldn’t use any drug more than once, then work on getting lots of lucid dreams and then reproduce the harmless version of the effect. :wink:
Best to excercise caution.

Yes i agree infection that caution is important always and with everything!
And here in the netherlands the goverment cant even be without the tax from tobacco and alcohol so much is earned from it!

Weird aint it?


I think that Reality failure was talking about responding to questions about certain drugs being harmful or not, if you had no clue. Like for example you should not say its not harmful, if you have no knowledge about it.

Though personally i think a google search is not much help in either, if you search on for example “cola” “dangerous” you will end up with alot of sites telling you how bad coca cola is and such :wink:

Yes your right Tomas i realized that later lol…

So Reality.Failure iam sorry if i reacted a bit strong! :peek:


I see absolutely nothing wrong with the information I posted, getting information from drug education or medical sites…the only way to find these sites unless you know of them already is through a search.

Obviously you don’t go to the first site that any search engine throws up, you sort through until you find one of reasonable worth.

Jeff, I don’t have any disagreement in what you said. We should be able to discuss anything (?) in the lounge, it is a general topic forum. I just didn’t want any mis-information to be given as advice in matters relating to drug use.

Infection0 is right: proceed with caution!

Jeff gives Reality.Failure a hug :smile:
MM i understand :wink:

Caution and info are always first things with everything
related to drugs.


Gosh I say the MOST obvious thing and everyone says “oh yeah, that’s really important, don’t forget that…”

I find most articles about drugs to be heavily biased to either side- drug advocates/drug opposers…

My only experiences with with nitrous oxide were induced with cans of whipped cream. Ok so i was desperate. . . Ok so a few things. First, you probalby shouldn’t do what I did, get nitrous from a better source. About health risks and such, nitrous, when used alot, depletes the vitamin b12 (or some vitamin?) in your body that is important for keeping your nerves functioning correctly. People who use nitrous way to much report that their fingertips and extremeties become numb. I also read a report that dissasociatives cause holes to appear in your brain over time. DXM (in caugh medicine) was the main focus of it, but it mentioned that nitrous is a dissasociative (although very light, and is pretty difficult to actually use it enough to cause problems). Well, there you go.

As always, the only place to look for information on this kind of thing is the vaults of erowid.


agree :\ Hard to find proper information

As i said, i know that it can kill you instantly if you breathe from a big container of gas. That has happened to people (is rumored to have). I don’t know anything about the long term effects, except that i have never heard of any.

That page about not taking it did not contain any information, and was generally aimed at prevening buthane use. Buthane is extremely dangerous. May also kill you instantly but after a much smaller dose, and not just from lack of oxygen. Same goes for all similar gases like gasoline or glue. The anti-drug people probably think you will move on to buthane (and kill yourself) once you are bored with laughing gas.

But if you guys don’t want “adult-only” discussions here i think you should delete threads like this. I don’t believe in the idea that open and honest information will keep people or teenagers from using drugs. The more you hear about something the less dangerous it seems…

If you want to hear bisased opinions, start a debate.
If you want balanced facts and opinions, look for yourself. Check the net there’s loads out there, you’ve just got to know where to look. I’d suggest you started with the link I gave previously

Killed instantly? I don’t know about that. Every case of death caused by nitrous that I’ve heard of was from geniuses doing things like wrapping nitrous filled trash bags around their heads, or breathing it in directly from a tank, which can push the nitrous out at a very high pressure and therefore basically putting a hole in your lung if it’s strong enough.

Another thing that causes a majority of N2O related deaths is people that get gas masks connected to a big tank of nitrous. They’ll attach it to their face and just keep breathing pure N2O. Since it has no oxygen in it, within a few minutes they not only have a low level of oxygen in their blood, they can’t coordinate their hands to remove the mask even if they wanted to due to the effect of the gas. Of course, they don’t even realize they need to breathe real air, due as well to the gas… :tongue: They pass out, meep breathing oxygen-free gas, pass out and die. the mask they give you at the dentist supplies between a 50-50 and 80-20 N2O-O2 mix. basically the cardinal rule is don’t attach anything to your face. balloons are the safest in this respect.

I have to agree with the previous post reccomending erowid.

and most of all, be informed, be careful.