Robert Anton Wilson

I’m in the middle of Prometheus Rising, by Robert Anton Wilson. I’ve also read Quantum Psychology by RAW. Prometheus Rising is based on Timothy Leary’s 8 fold model of human consciousness. They are great books and contain a lot of useful information and exercises to practice what he’s talking about. The books point out how much language and belief create reality around us. His claim that there are two ‘parts’ of the human brain–the Thinker and the Prover. What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves. No matter what it is.

His books offer plenty of insights and points to alter the Way your brain is programmed. It is that programming that has considerable voting power in the reality we see. Here is an exercise from the book.

Visualize a coin of your country thoroughly before you leave the house. Go outside and go about your business, but keep the coin in mind. Look for it and see how long it takes to find it. After you find it, believe it was a coincidence. Visualize the coin again and see how long it takes to find it by coincidence. After you find it, believe that you found the coin because mind creates reality. Visualize the coin again and see how long it takes to find it by the power of your mind.

This sounds very similar to a book I read. I believe it was named Take Control of Your Life. I don’t recall the author’s name but she basically said the same thing.

She went on to say how lives could be changed by the power of your mind on thinking positive thoughts, etc.

One of her practices of controlling (maybe not the best word) was to visualize an apple. She said to it until the apple looks almost as clear, if not as, until you begin coming across them. I like findings like these.

It does sound similar, but not the same, I think. Positive thinking is a great tool and the only effective way to think. But these books talk more about the initial settings of the human mind, the ones buried deep. Like the first circuit, bio-survival. This is usually imprinted by the mother and it has two values, advance or retreat. That is the world is something to be feared or it’s not. This is imprinted, hard-wired into the brain and becomes an automatic response when bio-survival anxiety increases, which can happen in any number of day-to-day situations.

What other techniques did this book recommend?

I don’t remember too much. I read it almost 2 years ago. I do remember how much she focused on visualizing objects in your mind and to note down how often it appeared during your “waking” state.

I’ll have to fish it out somewhere and get back. But I’m interested in knowing about what you read. For example:

Does it refer to a biological mother or the mother who raises them?

It’s non-specific. In fact anything can be imprinted because these imprints happen at random times (imprint vulnerability). In the book there are stories of a giraffe accidently imprinting a jeep and following it around because it associated the jeep with safety, comfort. Or the goose that imprinted a human being and followed him around like it would a mama goose. Anything else?

According to the 8 fold model of consciousness, there are 4 circuits that every human being uses and 4 circuits that aren’t used by everyone. They are the higher circuits and may become active from time to time, but are rarely imprinted permanently. A long-time yoga practitioner may imprint the fifth circuit, a faith healer the same. This circuit can be activated with a smokable entheogen, but not imprinted permanently. The 5th circuit can render null all previous circuits.

The first four are responsible for human ‘robot’ behavior. They are the reactions we take as instincts.

  1. bio-survival: advance or retreat
  2. emotional-territorial: dominate or submit
  3. semantic (time-binding): articulate or inarticulate
    4)socio-sexual: determines the sexuality and parental roles.

This can be translated into Freudian terms

  1. Id
  2. Ego
    3)ignored (not seen) by freud
  3. Super Ego

It’s pretty interesting for me. Have you ever done something in the heat of a moment and wondered, after, what the hell was I doing, or better yet, who the hell was driving my monkey?

I most certainly have.

This is interesting. Thanks for the post

Yes, thanks for this thread, thedeez. It is very interesting. It reminds me very much of what Wayne Dyer writes about in his books about manifestation and it’s the third time I’ve thought of him in as many days. I have to ask if any of you have seen the movie “Secrets”? I haven’t seen it yet, but I think it is all about manifestation.

I must find a copy of this. I’ve heard of it several times.

Thanks again for the posts.