Room Temperature and Dreams

One thing I’ve noticed, is that if I sleep in a hot room I tend to have far more vivid dreams. They are easier to remember and far, far more vivid than if i sleep in a cold room, thus making it much easier to become lucid. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but I just wanted to put it out there because for me it makes a huge difference. If i sleep in a hot room I am assured a vivid dream, whereas in a cold room I don’t dream so much, or, at least, don’t remember it.

It is the complete opposite for me. It is just impossible to sleep in a hot room. In a cold room, on the other side, I sleep well and get nice vivid dreams. :cool: It might have something to do with what temperature different people find comfortable?

Being a cold natured person myself I sleep much better when the room is warm, but have never noticed a differance in dream recall due to the room temp. The only thing I have noticed is if the room is at a comfortable level I fall asleep faster.

i have to agree with this, i cant sleep in warm room, it justs stops me getting asleep… but as sidenote, when the room temp is comfortable (i fall asleep fast) i get more vivid dreams…

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Just a comment. On another post (about nightmares) some people have noticed that they tend to have more nightmares when they sleep in a hot room.

Yes, I usually get nightmares when it’s really hot. But otherwise I seem to atleast remember more dreams when it’s a bit cold, but they tend to be shorter since I wake up more then. I get longer dreams if it’s warmish but not too warm, but I don’t remember as many dreams as usual then, but if I do remember one it’s usually very long.

in cold room u fall asleep faster (at least me) and i dont wake in the middle of the night coz of the too high temperature.
WHen its too hot, i cant fall asleep, and I don’t remember my dreams.
so for me cold room and socks on feet :smile:coz in cold room u ve more oxygen…

It’s probably because when you’re at a temperature that you’re comfortable with, you’re more relaxed and this is known to make you fall asleep quickly.

If my room is hot it increases my changes of nightmares and insomnia, but it does increase my LDing chance toward the morning. If the room is cold it increases my dream recall and can help LDing, but not as much as a hot room, I will also be more sleepy (I’m a cold-room person).

I would imagine a hot room disturbs your sleep and makes it much lighter and closer to the surface - perfect for lucid dreams in my experience, so there’s probably a lot of truth in this theory.

Exactly. Almost every time I wake up feeling hot and sweaty, Ive just come out of an LD.

Not every time - but often.

When its comfortable, I sleep much better and only recall having LDs if Im woken up by the phone. Or that annoying woman who lives above me… :eh:

in my perspective, this is a moot point.

the idea is that you should be comfortable. If you’re comfortable, you sleep better, causing a higher probibility that you have a dream (because you’re sleeping!), and thus improving the possibility of becoming lucid.

If it is too hot, i cannot sleep very well.

I need to be warm to be able to sleep comfortably though. Otherwise I keep waking up because I’m too cold :confused:

And I’m a very coldish person, I sleep under two blankets, with warm clothes on as well. And the room temperature is about 18 degrees I guess. My husband can walk around in shorts and t-shirt while I still need to wear thick sweaters to keep warm.

(that’s why I need to move to california) :wink:

Last week I have had some nights where I kept waking up because I was too cold - but it wakes me up between REM periods it seems, because I never wake up in the middle of a dream. It sometimes influences my dreams, by dreaming I’m cold or something.

I notice I’m starting to ramble now so I will stop.

Well obviously it isnt a moot point then.

Your perspective doesnt help me LD, and as I said just before you posted - being comfortable pretty much means I WONT LD.


My guess on the whole topic would be that the more comfortable you are the better dream recall you will have and the more vivid your dreams will be.

This thread showed up in my search query. Before I clicked the thread however I went to sleep and dreamed of coming into this thread reading the responses. I remember the responses were: “I keep my room at 70 degrees” …someone else said 64. When I woke up I went straight to this thread because I was eager to know if I dreamed it and if I did – were the responses I saw in my dream accurate? Unfortunately, they weren’t lol. So I was wondering… what temperature do you guys keep the room you sleep in? I usually keep mine at 75 degrees.

quessing my room temp is around 16-18 c, generally anything that feels bith chilly…

75 what?, farenheits?

I love cold weather, Fall is my favorite time of year. I cant sleep when it is hot, but I did notice that when my air conditioner went out last week I had two LDs, but that because I was waking up every hour or so. On a side note… There is no feeling in the world that compairs to the feeling of getting warm when your cold. This is why I love cold weather.