roommate induced false awakening...

or RIFA for short :tulip:

i’m generally a light sleeper, and i wake up pretty easily, but i had these two FAs where i didn’t immediately wake up.

the first one i was sleeping and these guys who live in my suite (i live in a dorm) were playing a video game with the sound turned up and shouting in the next room. i woke up, looked around, and i could hear them shouting. i looked at the clock, and it was 1 something, which made no sense 'cause i started my nap at 3, that’s when i realized i hadn’t really woken up and woke up for real

the second one was today when my roomate came back into the room, i heard him come in and it woke me up into an FA, and then another guy who lives in my suite came in and started talking to my roomate, and i heard their conversation, even rolled over and groggily looked at them, before turning over and going back to sleep. i know this one was an FA because when i turned over and looked at them, i could see them. IRL i didn’t have my contacts in and i’m quite blind, not to mention i sleep with an eyeshade on.

anybody else have similar experiences?

Hey oneiromancer, I had a great lucid dream years ago now when I ran out of petrol late at night and had to walk to a friends house and ask to sleep over. The woman lived in a one room bedsit type place and was a single parent with a small child of about 2. I sleept on the sofa and I was having a lucid dream where I was in a beautiful summer meadow with the sun shining and the bees buzzing and I was having trouble flying for some reason so I climbed up on top of a fence post and was about to attempt take off when I heard a child crying, at first I was confused because it was close but I could see all around and there was no one else there. Then I heard the woman whose house I was in talking to her baby and I remembered that I was asleep in her house, it was a bizare experience stood there on top of my fence post listening to her talking and the baby crying and me in a completely differnet world.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

and now tell me how is the FA induced? There is nothing in your describtion where you say you the FA was induced by anything.
I think everyone has FA’s, I have some from time to time mostly in the morning.