RTT #1 Are YOU Dreaming?

i’m not sure if you guys have something like this but RTT stands for Reply to This. I guess you can use it to say pretty pointless things but that means less pointless threads :smile: . At another forum I go to we use this til it gets to 300 posts then make a new one so its not all clustered up.

So you can pretty much talk to whoevers on while being a post whore at the same time :cool:

I just wanted to say…egg sandwiches rule

Oh I guess I can indroduce myself here since I haven’t done so yet.

I’m 17, play guitar, like metal music, like Corona and Heineken, skateboard, dream a lot, very successful lucid dreamer, I meditate, I’m gonna go to FCC tomorrow to throw my life away by getting a GED, I smoke (pot), I’m not a pothead, and I write music most of the day (acoustic and neo-classical shred).

Oh and I’m not someone who posts a few times and leaves :smile: I’m pretty much here to stay cause dreaming is probobly my favorite thing to do…right next to music and Heineken. I really wish I found this site sooner. Its a lot better than astralpulse which is where I was before this. So I’m gonna go browse this place and look for some insomnia cures :alien:

Hello Metal Head. Good idea to start this topic.

Toe nail clippers?!? :eek:

I like cheese.

Nachts ist’s kälter als draußen!

ehm … never mind :smile:

I’m in my WBTB stage. I’m gonna try and have a lucid dream from that WILD method except I can’t find a good position to lay in :bored:

Good luck :smile:

thanks, I hope I didn’t screw it up by eating a slice of pizza :eh:

You are dreaming! :wink:

No I’m not. Am I? Descartes said I can never be sure. I have thought many times in my dreams that I am awake… I have five fingers. I see the little grey hairs on my roommates head. I read the last sentence three times…

Still am I dreaming?

U n00bs I will crush u and pwn u to the ground. U sux.

Hey veccolo, where are you from?
I live near Stuttgart

in Munich :smile:

Speaking of munchies :smile: I feel like eating some Tostitos and salsa :bounce:

Hello Metal Head :smile:
Welcome to the ld4all forum :content:

Hi my name is Christo and I like to smoke pot too

And I’m a pimp…

what do you think about the maruchen fetus theory?

Hey metalhead! you are just like me… beer and heavy metal. I play guitar too and im 17 … and i drink heine. (little more expensive than bigbear but worth it) Anyways, since your into metal, what do you think of Dimebag and Vinnies new band Damageplan. I was crushingly dissapointed.

I was pissed off…

Its a poor attempt to bring back Pantera. I’ll bet they are together for at the MOST 3 years…

They just started that band because Phil went to Superjoint.

I wonder what band Rex is gonna bring out :confused: