Ruined opportunity

Ahhh noooo!!!

I had this GREAT chance of an adventure of my life. I’m kinda new, and I haven’t had an LD in a very long time.

I know that the REM periods arent too long, and I usually get lucid in the middle of the dream or in the end of the dream with a low or average lucidity level.

But this time. The second I was in the dream I became doubtfull, then two hot girls came and sat on my lap, the first thing I thought was RC, cause I told myself before that if this or that happen I have to RC. But I didn’t need to RC, i just stood up and began walking. It was raining and it was dark, I just raised my hands while walking and thought that the weather sucked so it stopped raining and the sun came out… Can you belive it? I wasn’t even trying hard, it was like chewing gum while walking, I just raised my hands and thought the weather was shitty… Then it happened… I couldn’t control it, I got SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited that my dream faded FAST out. I’ve never fallen out a dream by excitement… I couldn’t control it, it all happened so fast.

Anyhow, I ruined a chance where I was REALLLLYY lucid, and it was in the beginning of my dreaming so that means the dream would be LOOOOONG if I didn’t get over excited… But I did, and I hate myself for it, I was about to go flying to my house to smoke some weed, to get high in my dream.

Shit! By mentioning my flying I had a flashback, I had the weirdest lucid thing going on in another dream. I was doing all unnatural things like it was part of my normal life, like flying and stuff like as if I was lucid, but I wasn’t, it was like I was a spectator in my own body, I didn’t choose shit, like a normal dream, but it was as if I was lucid…

Is this called ‘‘fake’’ lucid dream or something?

Ah, tis anoying when you wake up before the dream ends. Next time, if you fear this will happen again, you could try using a staberlising technique.

For your second question - a dream in which your not actually lucid, but are doing LD like things (eg. flying) is an ULD (other wise known as a ‘fake lucid dream’).

Thanks, but what the heck is stabeRlising technique???


try rubbing your hands

Ai thinc he woz pokeng mi spelleng aktually…

I second the hand rubbing suggestion. If that isn’t enough, then try spinning, but make sure that you keep telling yourself that you are spinning. For some reason, spinning is notorious for leading to false awakenings.

Lucidity takes a lot of practice. Each experience in a dream is a chance to learn from our mistakes and afterward imagine how we would improve upon our experience. It helps (while awake) to imagine yourself in back in the dream and doing the things that you want to do while lucid.

Nono… Look here, I know about the rubbing and spinning, it has been told so many times in this forum that everybody knows by now.

I mean what can I do to prevent being overexcited, when I get overexcited and wake up, the dream dosen’t fade, the dream snaps out. It happens in a 1/100 second.

You can practice visualizing yourself in that same situation and remaining completely relaxed and doing what you want to do in a lucid dream state. Also, practice while awake imagining that what you are doing is part of a dream. You need lots of repetition so that when you find yourself within a dream, it’s no big deal.

Zataod’s right. You should read over your DJ if you wrote this dream down. Think of what you’d do differently or how you’d feel differently if it were to happen again.

The rubbing your hands together thing could work to remind yourself not to get excited not just to remind yourself you’re lucid.

I honestly don’t know. I got my first (induced) LD after waking up like you described, and then dropping back into the dream (which actually ony half worked, but whatever).

I did it like this:

  • I woke up
  • But I did not move at all
  • Nor did I open my eyes
  • I thought about that dream
  • A couple of seconds later, I got sudden HI
  • Then I was back in the dream (and unlucid for about twenty seconds, before becoming lucid again… and staying in the dream).

I’m sure there are better ways to drop back in (or ‘link’) dreams. So you could always try searching for them on here.

At any rate, most people find that it goes away by itself. So you could just keep trying.

Overexcitement is very common in the beginning, as well as waking up as a result. It’s one of those annoying side-effects, but once the brain is getting a bit familiar with the lucid state of consciousness, you should be able to control your emotions better, thus preventing to wake up prematurely. However, even hardcore LDers still sometimes wake up as a result of overexcitement, so it will probably remain one of things you have to keep in mind in order not to wake up.