running feels wierd

in a dream i had recently i was with my freind and we were running somewere and i ended up on a rope swinging really high in the air out of control and i was really scared so i closed my eyes in the dream thought really hard then opened them back up and i was in control of the dream and i swung to saftey and even though i was in control i dont think i was lucid cuase i thought it was real, is that being lucid still?? and in alot of my dreams before my recent ones it was hard for me to run like everybody else but before it was like a force was pushing me back and i had to lean into it to even run but latley its like my legs are so week that i cant run and theres no force and i can only run 6 steps before i fall over becuase it feels like i just did 1000 squats does this happen to anybody else?? maybe its becuase i’v been working out my leqs latley :tongue:

Not much punctuation there. Well, I believe that the exercising has something to do with it, but it will probably pass. You’re getting used to something, could have a mental effect. But it’s not so uncommon, it seems, for running to be weird in dreams. I know I have had trouble with it. Running through thick air. I broke the spell by insisting on getting ahead faster.
As for lucidity. The definition is that you know you are dreaming. So, if you think it is real, you are not lucid. You could still have had a high level of consciousness, and so, could make choices, instead of going on autopilot.