Running in dreams

Ok, i’m sure we’ve all seen those tv shows where someone is running in their dreams and they just keep on running.
Well last night was the first time i’ve had a dream like this.
I was running from a tornado/cyclone thing which was localised to my street. It seemed to me that it was following me but it wasn’t catching up to me as i was either running at the same speed as it or i was running faster than it.
I was wondering if people have these dreams often and under what circumstances you are running. This was particularly an unusual dream for me because i usually don’t get nightmarish dreams (i didn’t feel frightened but it is just that type of dream).
A dream analyst might say that these dreams signify that the dreamer is running from somehting in their waking life, but in this case i don’t think it is.

hehe, somthing weird just happened.
when i saw the title of this thread it triggered a memory from a dream i had months ago wow.

i was running for ages(i don’t know what it was i was running from though )

I love those dreams where i can just run and run. IRL, i become tired after a short distance. :tongue: Have you ever kept on running in a dream just for the joy of it?

In my first LD I ran a long ways, trying to fly. Never did get off the ground though. :neutral:

The enjoyability (check the Dictionary of Wolb :razz: ) of the dream depends on the circumstances. The last one where I ran a lot was the tunnel one I think… (where I saw all the people go by and ended up high and mighty) Not very enjoyable at all. I didn’t get tired, but I ached for my friends at the end. :sad:

I have a lot of dreams in which I’m running. Sometimes it’s to get away from something, sometimes it’s because I’m competing in a race of some kind, and sometimes it’s in order to get to something in a hurry. I really enjoy those dreams, because I can run practically forever without getting tired, and I can run much faster than in real life, whilst still enjoying the feeling of the wind in my hair.

Years ago I remember I had the most wonderful dream in which I was running a marathon - I started from a long way behind and slowly managed to catch up and overtake people to the lead! :content: That was fun!

Running in dreams is fun :cool:

Running for fun sometimes happens in my dreams. Running away from something is less fun, because I often experience the “numb legs” syndrome where I can’t get forward anymore :bored:

As far as I can remember I have never had any problems not moving when running :eh:

I have heard so many talking about running in dreams , but never did it myself.
The only time i remember running was playing soccer :sad:
And i DID get TIRED !! :grrr:

Wow, Petter, only once? I just had another running dream today - running away from some evil villains who couldn’t catch up, hehe. Fun. :content:

I have running dreams

sometimes it is about I am with some people and we have to get away from somewhere or somebody has been after me.

other times I have had dreams where i have been running and trying to get somewhere but I have never got there, its like I am running but I am not getting anywhere. I don’t like those dreams.

I have had running dreams where I have running to catch up with something

I run slow in my dreams. Its frustrating.

Numb legs syndrome, a nice and descriptive name for it, johan :cool: the last time i experiences that was fortunately a lucid dream. I could borrow a motorcycle instead.
I wonder if numb body parts is SP leaking into the dream?

When I run in a dream, I’m usually being chased. My latest experience of dream running was running from someone who wanted to kill me. It wasn’t so much scary as it was stressful.
But once I actually had a dream where I was running, not from anything, but just because it felt so great! Usually, when I run in dreams, it’s like running in syrup, (not that I’ve ever tried that :razz:) but in that dream it was so simple, I ran fast and felt as light as a feather :smile:

That`s the only one i really recall running.
And it was the football and not the running which was in my mind and the meaning of it.
And i did get tired :neutral:
Like i really was playing.

I`ve had nightmares but never really run , I either wlk or just get there without doing anything … :content:

Maybe im just being lazy … :cool:

Well, you don’t have to run away in nightmares - I run away from things all the time in dreams and don’t consider them nightmares, so it follows that you don’t have to be running to have a nightmare as well! So you’re not being lazy! :tongue:

I actually had a running dream today.

My friend used bicykle and i runned to keep up and get to a place together with them…
We were going to a rock konsert i really wanted to get at , so i wasn`t a nightmare :cool: