Sad, But my first LD

Ok. ive only been doing this not to long, but my first LD happened and I am happy… ~This is not the dream this is preparing to go to sleep~ Ok, I was getting off this computer after looking at this site, I wen’t to my room, and my dog was in there. I sat next to her, and talked to her (almost myself)
I said, You gota get out of my room, But I hope I dream about you puppy, Then kicked her out of my room, that day I was dealing with this girl that I met over the internet (I don’t have a real life girlfreind) and i told her how much I like her. She showed me her new pictures too that night,I’m 14 and so is she. So I’m in my bedroom calming down a little bit as I take my breathes trying to meditate… I in the bed, and try and fall asleep, I couldnt… Then I finally Fell asleep, Right then I was LDing.

~My LD~
I opened my eyes, and I was in a game, then i fell through the floor, right then i knew i was LDing so i just went along with it, I walked a little ways forward, and I saw her… My internet love, so i didnt want to miss my chance, I slid her hands into mine, and said “Ilove you” but i didnt really say it, nothing came out of my mouth, I just leaned forward looked at her lips, and kissed her, I could feel her lips… I was so surprized, they were so soft. we stopped kissing then everything went black… and the dream ended, I woke up…

That’s it, it kind of makes me sad but i feel as if LDing is a 2nd life for me, a privlige, But this is only my 2nd night studying LDing… I was Amazed of being able to the first night… i will work hard on doing this more often… and take advice from you guys, Bye --Tick!–

i consider LD almost a 2nd life for me too.

don’t be sad, that’s good progress and it will just keep getting easier.

I won’t be sad… but I want to ask a question, I smoke weed, and i was wondering if weed will make it so i dont have LDs if it makes it so I dont, im willing to quit…


It has been shown to decrease REM activity, which is typically the time you dream. Although some people experience a REM rebound, where they kind of have a really long REM to make up for the ones they missed. But in general most people say it negatively effects their dreaming. Or at least thats what I’ve seen on this forum.