safe to move on?

ever since i made my DJ , my dream recall became a bit better… i think. by the way, i have a question, is it safe to say that i can remember a dream every night now even though there are only 4 or 5 entries in my DJ? i wanna try start doing RC’s in my dreams . thx in advance

another thing, why can’t i realize that I’m dreaming even though some of them have so many dream signs but i still can’t realize it, is it because my mind is to focused on just remembering them or what?

Unless this was a special goal of yours, I don’t think the number of dreams per night is terribly important when you first start a DJ. The thing that really matters is that you write in it every day and with as much detail as you can. However, if your goal was one dream per night, then I’d say a weeks worth of entries is good enough, yes.

You have to remember that unless you’re using some kind of induction technique, it’s going to take a while before you start realizing dream signs. Training the subconscious to act a certain way is, in my experience, a task that takes time and willpower. I would say to not be frustrated at this point since (from what I understand) you haven’t been trying to become lucid for very long. Give it some time and when you do reality checks/induction methods (if you do them) really try to put some purpose into them. That way your subconscious will pick up on them faster.