salvia D tea?

anyone ever try it?a lot of herbs can be steeped into tea, but salvia?

i like salvia, its a great visionary experience, but smoking it is really tedious, and the effects dont last long…

i’d love it if some tea blend out there would get you stoned/relaxed in such a way that one would be thrust into the dreamworld. problem being that dreams are a natural occurance, and not everything is beneficial…

I am no salvia expert, in fact I didn´t ever consume it, but I know that drinking a tea won´t work.If you´d like to do it that way, you had to keep the tee in your mouth without swallowing for some time.You also can just chew the leaves, although they are said to taste quite bad.

I have to agree. You wouldn’t get enough salvinorin into your bloodstream before it went down the ol’ pipe as it where.

You could just a buy the liquid version of Salvia D and take drops of it.

Just go down a bit and you’ll see it.