Same starting point of each LD

just a quick question. why do all my LD’s start in the same place? i have only had 6 but they all start in my bedroom or somewhere in my house. also, is there any way i can start the dream in a different place as i have yet to become lucid in the middle of a dream, which is usually somewhere different.

thank you

That happens to me too, most of my LD’s start in my house somewhere.

I think it’s because your house is a very familiar place, so when you’re there in a dream you recognize differences between your real house and your dream house, making you lucid. Since you know how it feels to be in your house, and being in a dream obviously feels different, it’s an easy setting to acheive lucidity.

VILD is a technique in which you imagine the dream before you actually have it. You think about and go over every detail of the environment, the people, what the people do, your position in the dream, your clothes etc. If you succeed, then you have a dream just like the one you imagined and do a RC (which was planned in the dream in the first place).

Whether you had heard about it or not, you subconscious may have set your house as the location of the lucid dreams you were incubating and that may be why your lucid dreams start at home.

most of my lucid dreams also start in my bedroom in a FA (about 70% maybe), I couldn’t tell why. An easy way to find another place is to imagine a new location and expect it to be right behind the door.

this is a perfect explanation of why most LDs start in your house.

Now about starting your dream in a different place. Try WILD. When the dream is forming, you can kind of control the initial dream scene which forms, or if you just want to get somewhere else try jumping through a mirror, looking out the window to find it there, flying out the window to where you wanna go, take an elevator there, take a teleportation pill, close your eyes spin around and think that when you open them youll be where you want. There are lots of ways to get where you want to go.

I’m guessing that its because your used to being in your house. Are you starting out the dream lucid or are you starting it out as a ND and then going into a LD.

@ Rubiks_Cube_Man. all of my LD’s have been WILD’s so i guess i could try changing the dream scene although it probably will take some practise. i think in the next LD i will just walk through the mirror. although the thought of looking at myself in the mirror in my dreams scares me…thanks for the help everyone :smile:

Maybe you just do most RC’s at home and never outside?

Well, like zdag said, most of my LD’s are from FA’s in my house when I realize something’s not quite right, then I usually jump out a window and proceed to have an awesome LD.

I find my control isn’t nearly as good in FA LD’s as it is in WILD’s,
like the other night I was at my girlfriend’s house, I had a FA, was lying in her bed and realized I was dreaming, jumped out her window and found that I couldn’t look up! the ground was keeping me in the dream, when I finally did look up the whole dream faded, but when I went back to sleep I did a WILD, formed a dreamscape of a really beautiful green valley with tall trees and a river, that was a very vivid LD with lots of control, and the sky was a fractal kaleidoscope. :woah:

But I guess I’m going off topic–

RDC, you should definitely practice dreamscaping your HI; if all your LD’s are WILD’s then you’re very lucky, because that’s one of the most vivid, well controled kinds of LD there is, and you start out with full lucidity.