'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Lord of the Rings'

Title changed it was “Anyone think doing this would be cool?”

Well I was watching Saving Private Ryan and then Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers today and was thinking. Wouldnt those make kick*** dreams? Especially since ya know, you wouldnt die :smile: . If I can get lucid tonight (I have a feeling tonights the night) I am going to do that after eating some pie and flying (at the same time :fly: ) Anyways your thoughts?

That would be so sweet!

hmm, that would be a REALLY fun experiance althought i would probally wake up from the excitment.

anyways best of luck in having a LD!

I went through a LOTR movie poster in a lucid dream once, and it was great! The dream version of middle earth had some interesting difference from the movie…for example, the hobbits had animals living with them. The main problem is entering the movie world, i think.

LotR would make an awesome dream, I’m not so sure on SPR, i think that might be too depressing :cry: But thanks for reminding me of LotR, Helm’s deep just HAS to be a sweet dream :thumbs:

Ah :roll: I did something similar when I jumped into a cinema screen of Spaceballs :lol: “Use the Schwartz!”

But, yeah Cynith, that sounds awesome–in fact–I’m gonna try it tonight :ok: (It’ll be different from what I currently do which is nostalgize on my childhood by jumping into TVs and “channel-surfing” through old 90s stuff :content:)

Well, I like the idea :thumbs: .
If I’ll have a long LD today, I’ll defineatly try it.

Not that I have any kind of experienced with a LD like this, but in the ones where I have tried to develop some kind of story/plot I end up loseing myself in the plot and it ends up becoming a ND even though I had full lucidty and control at the beginning.

Any suggestions?


Interesting idea!
I once had a dream about LOTR scene with a changed plot line. Wasn’t lucid though, but still, it was an awesome dream :cool:


Im not to experianced with lucid dreaming but from what I have heard you should try not doing it really fast. I mean take tiny steps when you are creating it. If that doesnt make sence tell me :smile:

Being in a Lord of the Rings LD is what I want more than anything, it’s the first thing I thought of when I read about Lucid Dreaming, although since then I have had a ND about Lord of the Rings, no luck about the Lucid one though.

A Lord of the Rings LD would be AWESOME. I can’t believe I didn’t think about that even though what brought me to this site was a really realistic dream about the movie “ALIENS”. Also i probably would have fun with a dream version of the game “Call Of Duty” or any of its versions.

Hmmm, hard to imagine how it would be like a LOTR LD hehe. I only had game dreams so far, of Killer7 and GTA San Andreas. None of them Lucid.

I met lots of celebs in LDs though :smile:.
My last sighting was Al Pacino,
and a few months before it was David Hasselhoff

Hmmm… i’ve been in Eragon in a LD by accident… :grin:
Although LOTR would probably be soooooooo much cooler… :cool:

Heh, well, perhaps not as a thrilling as Lord of the Rings or Saving Private Ryan but I used to dream Jurassic Park, oddly enough it usually ended up with me teaming with the dinosaurs (Since I’ve had any notion of the word ‘cute’ I considered dinosaurs to be just that).

A few days ago I had a small fragment from Apocalypto (which I enjoyed more than I expected, honestly), walking through the Maya city, but then it morphed into a themepark :sad:.

nah, you wouldnt notice any dififference! :tongue:

I once re-enacted the “You Shall Not Pass!” scene from LotR. It sure is fun being Gandalf. :wizard:

true, but personally id rather try the balrog!