scared of wild

Hi guys this is my first post. I don’t know if this has been asked b4 but I need an answer. For a long time I’ve been trying Wild without results, but never been scared of; then I read more about the sleep paralysis, which I tought be only a body paralysis, to find out that you feel strange presences in your room. Now I’m really too scared to try again Wild and I’m scared to have one without trying because I don’t want to feel those presences too. Can anybody give me some advice to overcome this? Thx :bored:

Yes, you just have to realize that it is not real and it can not harm you in any way. I have never had the feeling of a strange presence and I don’t think it does happen to that many people. You are most likely worrying about something that may never happen to you. However, if you do experience a presence in your room just recognize that it is not real and ignore it. I used to be afraid of SP but, once I knew what it was I no longer feared it. Now I find it to be a cool experience.

Good luck and happy dreaming

thanks! :smile:

from what u said, u are very well on your way with your wilds. dont give up cuz that fear is what i wish i could have, i just get bored.