Scared to sleep, afraid of what I'll dream

About a month or two ago (I lose track of time easy) A very long and serious relationship ended in a bad way. I cried for awhile about it but i didn’t remember any dreams about her. shortly after I started waking up crying or sweating without remembering my dreams, recently I had a long dream involving her that i woke up from crying or more accurately weeping like a baby. I have insomnia so when i can sleep i need to but I can’t get myself to sleep hardly at all because I’m afraid of what I’ll dream. It’s definitely childish to get so hurt over a girl but I don’t think that’s all, I’ve been having other more vivid and bizarre dreams in which i’m being eaten and tortured by class mates and family.

Maybe a little input on what i should do to figure out what i’m worried about could help, this is my first post in long time but hopefully i can get some responses.

I think maybe since you’re having dreams about her and waking up crying and very uncomfortable you’re just afraid of that happening. You’re tired of having that constant unconscious reminder of you guys braking up from your dreams so you just avoiding falling asleep all together. I’m not sure what to do to avoid those dreams, but I think maybe you should try telling your subconscious mind to stop giving you those dreams and just try falling asleep with happy thoughts.

Hope this helped, and I hope things get better :hugs:

Yes, I suggest that you use autosuggestion or some dream incubation technique to dream of something else…or you can just dream of whatever comes and maybe the situation will resolve through that dreams.

I think you lost your emotional balance. Get the balance back and things will probably calm down.
How? Afraid I have no clue. I myself avoid most emotions when I can, that’s balanced enough for me.

I tried self hypnosis and as far as maintaining emotional balance i’m trying my best but without a female in the picture and all of the stress i’m dealing with that’s not exactly going over well. The dreams are getting worse, more violent and vivid. not so much about the girl anymore but still not nice

Well, sorry to hear that, you probably need some time then. Why don’t you try to use those possible dreamsigns to achieve lucidity…

It’s too emotional, I’ve tried it but i end up crying in the dream and i lose it. I have gotten better at achieving lucidity though, I flew for the first time not too long ago

First step is to take it easy: when I had really painful dreams like you, I just took it easily in the morning and not think about it. :smile:

I try to put it out of my mind in the morning but it comes back into my mind later in the day. Mostly it keeps me from getting sleep and that affects every aspect of my life

Running away won’t do you much good; repressed feeling only get more tormenting. What you have to do is face the situation and find a way to solve it.
The first thing would be writing down your dreams (yes, i know, it can be painful) and find out why. Why you are in that place in the dream, why those people are there, why they are doing this to you. Read the dream over and over again, the reasons will eventually unveil themselves if you didn’t already.
This is because, dreams are a subproduct of our waking life. We dream stuff because we did, thought, felt that stuff during the day. If you examine your dreams carefully, you will find the thoughts, the actions, the experiences that borught you into dreaming that nightmare.
Nex step is, take action. If you feel you gotta call her back to clarify things, do it. If you feel the need for more love, try looking for another girlfirend, or get her back. Life is action; staying still will only bring you more sadness.