I just had one of the most vivid, and horrifying dreams I have ever had in my life. I had dreamt, that I had seen a man propped up against a tombstone, facing the sky… I was in a grassfield, at nightime with light gusts of wind. I walked over to see his face, as his head turned to me. His eyes were gouged out and pouring blood… and a pentagon was being carved in his throat, with the word SMILE engraved in the center. He stood up and walked right to my face with these very words. “By happy child, your time is near.” It was so vivid… I remember his face, his unshaven stubble, and his expressionless face… I could feel his breath. I dont know if this means anything, but I am absurdly freaked out.

Wow you gave me goosebumps, but that dream probably does not mean you are gona die… maybe you feel you are gona lose a bad habit or somthing like that (Like when you kill people in your dreams, you are more likely consitering killing your nicotine habit or whatever.) Did you watch some movie or something that would make you think like that? (Just last night I saw a stigmata show with a lady that had blood coming out of her eyes, and a movie (Bad Company) with a part about gauging eyes out, and South Park that had a schwastika (spelling?) on Charlie Manson’s forehead, and he turned it into a smiley face)… Your dream sorta remeinded me of all these things. :shrug:

Most ppl call this a nightmare…


was it a lucid or a NON-lucid dream?

Nightmare… yeah… fun isn’t it? I know it can be very frightening, but imagine that nightmares prepare you for the future. That’s what have noticed… when I was a kid, I had a lot of nightmares. I am now 18 years old… and I realized how much they helped me in my life. I stopped having nightmares now though… you can if you conquer your fears. :wink:

Good luck and you’re not alone… we all do have nightmares. Remember that ok?