Scariest Sleep Paralysis

I don’t LD that often, but when I do have a Sleep Paralysis, I automatically know to LD.

I had this recent sleep paralysis where I had the usual, you’re awake and can see but can’t move, but it was way more than just uncomfortable. I could feel the saliva building up in my mouth, dripping down to the back. It was as if I was about to drown and there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t swallow or move my head into a different position. Then I thought, “Whatever,” and LD’d :happy:

Until that last sentence above, I think that that has been the scariest Sleep Paralysis I’ve had. Anyone experience anything similar or scarier?

The most frightening sleep paralysis that I’ve ever had was just a few days ago. I don’t use SP to LD, preferring to use reality checks myself as SP scares the crap out of me anyway. I always used to get it as a kid when I woke up rather than before falling asleep.

But this one was frightening for different, less tangible reasons. It was that weird feeling of not being alone that I always get with SP, but this time I knew that there was something there with me. I could see it out of the corner of my eye, a figure, tall and thin just standing there, it raised it’s hand up and spoke a few words that I’m not going to repeat here because they probably sound stupid but they frightened me so much at the time, and then he was gone.

I’ve never had full hypnopompic hallucinations before, and yeah, it was really scary.

the scariest one for me was i couldnt move and it felt like someone was smothering me with a blanket, i could hardly breath…
after about 3 or 4 minutes of that it felt like someone took a hammer and started hitting me all over with it.
i ended up just moving i “woke up” and could hardly move, not because of the SP but bexcause i was in so much pain
that was my scariest

I don’t usually have scary SP’s, and have never seen the Old Hag… But I had one the other morning which wasn’t scary, just really weird. I felt like I had no body, or that my body was being twisted and bent and streched in many wrong weird directions. I don’t think it hurt exactly, but almost. It just was really bizarre. So I just tried to imagine myself out of it, lying in bed. It worked after a while and I woke up…