Scaring yourself out of lucid state

The other day I took a nap and I had a dream where i was with my ex girlfriend in her room with some wierd guy anyway I wanted to have alone time withmy girlfriend since i hadnt seen here for nearly a year so i told this wierd guy to leave the room he wouldnt so i thought this is really wierd so the next thing i remember i was walking in target when these weird gangesters + the wierd guy were chasing me i istantly knew i was having a dream so i started running uncontrolably away from them. I paused for a minute thought about it and remembered i can fly so i flew into the air to escape and i got scared and isntantly woke up it was a wierd experience. Does anybody else still get nervous when the enter dreamworld

That happens a lot, especially to beginners.

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The weird experience was weird.

good to know lol :tongue:

Why did you got scared ? Just because you flew away ? Strange… :neutral:

Maybe because he is afraid of heights, or he got shocked because he became lucid. Like someone stated above, people who starting to have LD’s can loose the lucidity by getting too excited about that.