Scary Dream- Any Ideas for Interpretation?

Hey all, I had a strange dream that had reoccurring elements. I wanted to know what y’all think!

My friend (I haven’t seen her since we were little kids irl) bought a house that once belonged to another friend of mine. (The house didn’t resemble the real life one though.) I went through the house with her. I knew it had this basement door that led to a large concrete room, darkness, and a lot of pipes, and I took her there to show her. (I have visited this room in many dreams, but usually it scares me. This time it didn’t.) We wander around a bit before exiting. Then my friend turns to a small half-door and climbs in. I warn her not to, because I also know the room is a kids room, but there’s something bad there. (I’ve been in this room in other dreams too) It feels evil inside. A big stuffed animal gets up and begins coming at us. We run out the door but it follows and grabs me. Then it laughs and pulls off its disguise. It’s my mom in a stuffed animal costume.

My mom joins us and we turn to a door that is locked. I tell them both to not go in. For some reason I know there’s a body in there. (Ive also been here in another dream and remember this.) They use a key and open it. Loud orchestral music begins playing and my mom quickly shuts the door. We run upstairs and the music is still playing. I woke up after telling my friend she could come and stay with me for a while.

What creeps me out is that I have seen all of these pieces in separate dreams but now they’re all together. When we walked into the house I seemed to know it had all these doors already. Also, I swear I know the concrete room with pipes but I can’t remember any time I’ve seen it in real life. I’ve always been scared about it in dreams because bad things happen there. What do y’all think?

If it was my dream…
a dream location that recurs in dreams can often be used to become lucid.


It didn’t happen this time, the presence of a friend kept you safe. Also your friend had bought the house so it will be safe® from now on.
Even the monster turned out to be your mum and you all safely got away.

Having all the nightmare rooms in your friend’s dream house is containing them and keeping them safe.

I have had a dream where I was stuck in a maze of staircases, they were all built across the air with nothing keeping them up like a 3d maze. The horizon was a wall, and there was a huge stained glass window, I could see lightning flashes out of it. Something was chasing me through the maze of staircases and I was too scared to turn around during the first few dreams. In the final dream I didn’t run, I faced it head on. It was a zombie/wraith like creature with incredible vitality. I was stronger in the dream than in real life but the wraith was even stronger. We fought for a while, I threw it down 5 flights of stairs and it grabbed the railing and pulled itself back up, it climbed all 5 levels of stairs and was back up in 5 seconds. Eventually I jumped off the railing on top of it and we both fell like 15-20 stories onto a table. A voice tells me to listen to what I learned in karate class. I jab if in the eyes and it is blinded so it cannot fight well. I finally kill it. In this dream it feels like I may have killed an actual entity, maybe a demon. I think it was a test of some sort. Your dream reminds me of this.