Scary Experience

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. I think that I could have been having sleep paralyzation which I had never had. I couldn’t move and I was shivering a little. My body was also very tight. I heard strange and weird noises. I knew what It was, but did not want an OBE etc. It eventually went away, but here is when everything gets tricky. I though I might have dozed off or something, but I might have just relaxed. I wanted to see if everything was real so I checked my clock only to find out that I was dreaming. I DON’T KNOW IF THE SLEEP PARALYSATION WAS REAL OR IF I DREAMED IT. I went on to become lucid on and off that night. The dreams were scary and troubling also. I have never had an experience like this although I havn’t LDed very long.

Has anyone else ever not been sure if something like this was real or in a dream? Or maybe someone could tell me how to determine if it was real or not. You might also like to discuss bad/scary LD experiences because I did not know they even existed.

Hello stitches. I have experienced similar things. Very often, I’m not sure if I’m awake or asleep. The best thing to do is RC whenever you have that feeling. I haven’t had scary LDs ever, mainly b/c the second I’m lucid I remember that I’m in control. Keep that in mind and can all LDs become fun. :wink:

Well, one thing that scared me and never has was that I might be sleep walking and kill myself or something, even though I had never sleep walked. It must have scared me that night because it was hard to determine what was real and I had a false awakening where I thought I had been sleepwalking.

Well, rest easy. If you’ve never sleepwalked before, chances are, you never will. :wink:

I’ve been scared while lucid. Not so much while dreaming but when in the void and I’m experiencing high speed. I’m getting used to it though.

The chances for this is very slim, when you are in rem sleep, your whole body are paralysed, except for the eyes… I think there is a disease that makes you less paralysed though, but that is a very rare disease

I get those almost every time on my WBTB attempts
donno what they are, LD, AP…so I call it an Experience

It has happened to me before.
I wake up not knowing if it is a dream or not. It even takes me a while to figure out if it’s a dream or IRL. It can be very confusing sometimes.
RC’s are good for those type of things whenever it happens.
But it’s no need to be afraid, just go with the flow. If you aren’t sure if you’re dreaming, then do the infamous RC’s. :smile:

Good luck!