Scary weird idea

Ive heard of some people being in an LD for months,so what would happen if you were in an LD so long , ( as a powerful human, or playing God) that you forgot what RL was? :eek: :scared: :scared: :scared: . Then if they came back into RL not knowing it was RL things would go really bad.They might think they had absolute power, then be depressed in RL from lack of power!!! Any thoughts on this err theory/idea?

That is possible, but its not very likely to happen.

That would be AWESOME :happy:

At least that month stuck in the LD :uh: I guess it would be pretty depressing, though–you know, to come back to reality and not have that unlimited freedom :neutral:

Might drive some to suicide. I’d just try to get the hell back to sleep :content: Drink some Vcks 44 or NyQuil and I’m out :sleep:

It would be like if you go to the moon for 1 month and then you come back to Earth.

On the moon, you can nearly fly whereas on the Earth, you stay sticked on the ground.

It might be literally depressing too, as in the amount of ramped-up REM sleep it takes to generate an entire month of sensation in a night’s time might completely bust your supply of seratonin.

i have been in a dream for 3 months before (in dream time) it was like an hour in a half in real life. if you dig up my dream diary it was the one where i was being hunted down in a big city by some kind of sniper dude.
some of it was lucid some was non-lucid, when i woke up i had to check the date on my pc, it was kinda weird yes.

Then i had another dream where i saw myself being born, and growing up, i lived in another house, had a different family, and friends, all this seemed normal for me inside the dream.

I didn’t even look the same, i even had a diff. name.
when i woke up in real life (i was around the age of 16 in the dream) the next morning, i had to get up and walk around, my mom was at the stove cooking breakfast, my brother was at the table getting ready for work, i knew who they were yes, but it was all soooo confusing to me for a little while.

Magic Dreamer

I think that, the most pressing issue I would find to be; When I’ve been dreaming for a long time, say. 5 hours or so. I would probably start to wonder when the hell I’m gonna wake up. That is if this HAPPENS to me, and not that I make it happen. I would start to wonder Why I haven’t woken up yet. And make up theories, I’m bound to get worried. And start to think that I might be dead, I’d remember writing about this also. It may cause some stress forme. But, knowing myself I’d find a way to be comfortable, with some effort.
Another issue is this. WHen you’re dreaming you don’t need to sleep.(if that makes sense) So if the dream lasts that long you’d be conscious fora very long time, longer than ever before. That’s gotta feel weird.

Impossible. LDing inherently needs for you to remember real life, or you would fall back into a normal dream, and wake up shortly afterwards.

Really? You can LD for over a month but have it only be an hour RL time? Now that is awesome! Hell, one month long vacations would be…I can’t even describe it! Is it possible for me to learn how to do this?

Read WritersCube’s DJ.

Thank you very much! I’ll look for it now!

But I have a question…will people think I’m weird if I keep a DJ. I’m only 14, and you know how teenagers get when they are introduced to things they think to be strange.

I started my DJ at the same age. Nobody knew about it. So far, only a few select friends of mine know i keep a DJ, and a lot of others know i’m interested in dreams. Basically, keep it, but only tell those you can trust, until you can be sure people won’t laugh. I was never a popular person, but nobody picks on me because of it. Some people think its a very interesting subject. So go ahead, keep a DJ.

yeah only like 2 people know i keep one.

But if i told them it was so i’d remember they would probably just say like “oh ok whatever”.

I DO like to tell my dreams to people.

Especially cuz sometimes people come in saying “dude i had the weirdest dream” and i respond “heh, you have no idea…”

It’s fun because most people i know have dreams that are totally snorzeville.

It might suck if you had no idea what was going on… but if you realized you were stuck in the dream - and knew you were lucid with absolute power why the heck wouldn’t it be AWESOME?!

Thanks, both of you. I’ll start writing next time I have a dream!

Or then you might realize that this world may not actually be so different from the dream reality…

Cyril! You took my post :smile: So the question is…what if this life is able to be changed? What if we are a lot more powerful than we realise we are? Can we ‘live lucid’?

We could all be lucid dreaming right now :open_mouth:


ahhm ell… if we dont realize it we are dreaming we’re NOT lucid dreaming … (sorry if i sound a bit pedantic)

What if the dreamworld is our true reality and the normal world just a dream?

I think this is what the Australian Aboriginals believe.

I read a great book once called “The Dreaming Universe” by Alan Wolf. It explains that it could be possible that this world is born from the dreamworld.