Is Lucid Dreaming scary? from what i heard the DC sometimes look scary in them. Im curious, not that it really matters just some of the stuff i heard, it sounds scary.

Hmmm… WILD can be a bit scary but that’s not in an LD. Actualy in my first one I saw some creapy DCs. I saw three people, two of them looked just like my brother (but they weren’t him) and the other one looked like one of my classmates, so I asked them who they are and they answered “death”… so I blew them up!! :tongue:
In an LD there’s nothing to be scared of, because you can controll everything!

Lol, i dont control what the DC say and do right? lol

You can even make them your slaves if you practice!! :cool:
I can only make mine appear, dissapear or explode…

lol, can you kill your DC with guns, lol, if you get mad at them. Also are you always tougher then your DC if you get in a fight with them?

If you are good at LDing you can:
Kill DCs using just your mind. :thud:
Do anything you want with them or at them.
Make them obey you.
Be smart enough to avoid the fight, because you would probably wake up!! :tongue:

In LDs you can do ANYTHING you can imagine of, you just need to practice! :content:

Iol, i would feel more powerful using my mind, but it would be funnier if i used a weapon, lol, and if i was getting in a fight, i would fly away, lol, and tell the DC they cant fly becuase they arent smart enough. lol

:rofl: Nice…

Well, at least you got the point!!

Thanks for answering all my questions, it seems that everyone on this forum are so nice, and it seems like any other forum i ask a question they always say “Figure it out for yourself” or something, lol

If you want anything else, feel free to ask or pm me!! :content:
gives a cookie

thank you very much eats cookie, lol, ill make sure i post my first LD


lol, gives you another cookie in return, oh another question i have. I woke up last night in the middle of the night, but i just went back to sleep, could that of been a lucid dream? I didnt think of a reality test

Hmmm… I don’t know. Probably not…

Yeah i didnt think it was too, but next time it happens i will do a RT just in case