Scent Induced Lucid Dream

Has anybody ever tried this yet? Is the nose still working when you dream? What I was thinking, is that, if it was, you could use some sort of plug in air freshener that sprays a scent every hour or so. Whenever you smell that, do a RC. Then when it sprays the scent when you are dreaming, you do a RC in your dream, and THUS, have a LD. Anybody think this would work or are willing to give it a go? I’m going to try it. :cool:

well there is that glade one that does 9, 18, and 36 mins. i am not sure if the nose still “smells” in a dream because it obvesaly “works”, i think you would get use to the smell and not “smell” it anymore.

There are ones out there that change smell, and to my suprise, this actaully worked for me last night! :grin: . Although I havn’t gained lucidity from it fully yet, I did do a RC, but it failed. :sad:

looks kinda promising…

Indeed, i’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

It hasn’t really been working too well. I got it to happen on that one RC, but that could have involved any factors. Not a very effective method.