Scents in dreams

While dreaming, are any of you people able to pick up scents, or actually smell in your dreams? Oh, and if so, was it a standard dream or a lucid?

Myself, I’m not able to smell in my dreams. But then again, I don’t breathe in my dreams either.

I once had this nightmare where I walked into this old hospital and got a whiff of something really bad. When I walked into this double-doored room, there was this mad looking butcher-like doctor with flesh and guts hanging around.

I don’t breathe either, but I never thought of that until now.

I never recall scents, maybe if you have a LD, you could make some roses appear and smell them.

Scents are just another part of my dreams (in general, doesn’t matter DreamType). The only difference is that dream scents are usually much fainter than they should be.

I always though people were able to smell things in dreams so I learned something else today (only been awake 20min). I’m sure you could LD it, but you could try paying attention more to your surroundings IRL.

Hmmm. I do smell things occasionally, but only very rarely. Also, the smells always seem to be quite faded, not very strong. This is just in my normal dreams.

I don’t remember any smells in dream at the moment, but I do remember faint tastes.

I have very vivid sense of smell, especailly in lucid dreams.

like this LD i had: I was standing in some centrum walking street, with bars, stores, fast foods and so on lined up in a row. I could both smell/feel the humid air while at the same time also smelling the the hamburgers from the nearby fastfood chain. I could also both feel and hear the raindrops falling down from the sky.

This lucid dream stands out, as i experienced every sense at the same time feeling just as vivid as when being awake.

I don’t remember ever smelling anything in a dream. I feel the temperature though…usually not as bad as in rl like I could be barefoot outside in a snowstorm and know it’s cold but not necessarily feel pain from it