Hi, if you go to school, what do you think of it, and teachers, and supply teachers? Also, if you have any interesting stories, please post them here and we can all have a laugh. Also, i will post some of MY stories at school. So funny… I will spare you that for now, but just wait…

The norwegian schools gets less and less money all the time!
(The 1. graders do not have money too books any more :sad: )

Huh…today one of my class mates was trying to show my math teacher that she made a mistake checking he’s test. After a short debate she said “shut up already!”. After 10 minutes tho, she checked the test again. 10 point were missing, and my class mate got a better grade Oo.
Some teacher’s think that they are our “masters”…
I never liked that math teacher tho, the class got better grades with the old one.

I think some teachers got a skill, and know how to pass knowledge. But some shound’t be called teachers…
There was a TV program here in Poland about a teacher that was telling 7 y.o 1st graders that Collumbus was a polish scientist Oo

The state of schools in California is so sad. I live in the Bay Area, and schools are falling apart. Governor Arnold borrowed 2 billion dollars from the education budget years ago, promising to pay it back with haste. He has just begun to pay it back. Schools are broke, and I am lucky I go to a school(olymic, bitches!) with good teachers, or else I’d be fucked.

wow i didnt realize how much David Lynch loved furniture.

yah dont they teach that columbus was like a great guy discovering america and all that bs?

I got a school stopry now. One that happens to be very painful at the moment for reasons that will be obvious when i tell you. Somebody practically dived at my leg and it bent backwards at the knee. Jarred my leg. It is now swollen and i can barely walk. What does this have to do with school? PE accident.

Thats why there was a program in TV about that teacher, what bullshit she teaches. She lost the job. Normaly everybody teaches that he discovered america…

We’re paying like 250 dollars (2000 swedish crowns) for food every term instead of bringing and microwaving our own food. Why? Because some people broke the microwave by microwaving books in there lol. It’s so ridiculous.

Although I’d still probably pay for the food… much easier.

Oh and someone in the school stole a flatscreen from the computer room a while back. I’m just wondering, how the f**k do you hide that thing?? And where? It’s not like you can just put it in your backpack or under your shirt… heh.

Dream on. // Olesia

Yeah, San Joaquin valley area is much, much worse. Lucky for me I’ll be in college next semester…

at my old school we had laptops in the class and someone had recorded their school bell onto the laptop.
You can guess what happened.
We got let out 5-10mins early about 3 or 4 times by the same teacher. this was when classes last about 45mins.

at my old school we had laptops


At school i get a laptop. Mainly because nobody can read my writing. Also, i found out the full extent of the injury to my leg. I have torn a ligament and there is a huge swelling in my knee filled with what they think is blood. No school for a week or so…