School Time

Is it harder to recall dreams and LD in school time?
I mean with school time :
-Wake up early every morning (at 6-7 am)
-Come back home tired
-Study at home

My advice would be try to get at approximately 8 hours sleep each night, go to sleep about 11 I’d say. Other than that try not to get too stressed and then your DR should improve as much as it would if you weren’t at school.

To be perfectly honest, in one word: usually.

Although, it doesn’t have to be more difficult. It’s a matter of managing your stress and time. Make sure to go to bed earlier to compensate for the loss of sleeping in late in the mornings. Things like that.

So really, it’s only more difficult because students usually sacrifice their sleep for school/study :tongue:

I’ll be honest - I find I’m better at dreaming during schooltime. This is partially because I’ve been provided a schedule that I keep to (which includes 8 hours of sleep). Other times my schedule is all over the place, from going to bed at midnight and waking at eleven to going to bed at ten and waking at…well, eleven :razz:. I find that the schedule (I assume it’s the schedule, anyway) helps to boost both recall and lucidity, on nights where I get to sleep in and nights where I don’t. That’s just me, though, so this probably isn’t true for everyone.