School's in, LD's in Peril!

Well, I’ve tried MILD, but it only worked once, but using the WBTB method, I’ve had three. I feel WBTB works better for me, but with school coming up, I will be unable to WBTB, any alternate methods I can use?

(Note: It takes me 3-5 hours to fall asleep, but once asleep, if I wake, I can go back to sleep in 30 seconds, as long as no more than 10 minutes have elapsed)

3-5 hours? That is seriously wrong. You don’t suffer from insomnia, do you?

I do, Chronic insomnia, had it for 5 years now… got it when I was 8…

If it takes you about 30 seconds to fall back asleep, I’d suggest the FILD method, since it wouldn’t really impact the amount of sleep you get. Here’s a link:

[FILD tutorial)

Since you have sleep insomnia, it should be fairly easy for you to WILD at bedtime. Simply lay very still and watch HI until you enter a dream.

Au contraire, people who fall asleep fast are more suited to WILD.

I agree, though people with insomnia and sleep deprivation have shown to have earlier REM sleep. Fact still remains that WILD means Wake-Induced-Lucid-Dream, which is not possible unless the subject is right infront or in the middle of a REM stage.

Hmmm… I’ve tried the FILD meathod before, and it works, to a degree… (It makes me have dreams of insomnia (I’ll toss and turn in the dream, but I am unable to sleep) Somtimes the finger movement will remind me to RC, other times not.

Also WILD has appealed to me, but I have been unable to visuallize a scene while awake since I was 8 years old. (That means no daydreams either.)

{I would like to try the WILD meathod, becuase I love LD… ( Although I am still fairly new at dream control, I have found that spinning twice, while making a wish can produce simple changes that make my wish come true, like I can wish for pizza, and a DC will say they just ordered some)}

I finnally got a cure for insomnia!
Now… what to do now…