School's really good for LDs (WBTB)

For those of you at college, school really helps in order to achieve an LD. What I did was schedule an early 50 minute class at 8 oclock, and then my next class at 2. I usually go to bed around 1, watch tv for a bit and probably fall asleep around 2. Well make sure the class is early, and really makes you think. Critical thinking in school REALLY helps, after the class is over go back to your room and go back to sleep right away.

This WBTB method really helped me induce lucid dreams every time, alls you have to do is wake up your mind. I hope this helps some people!

Oh crap, forgot about the big WBTB sticky, my bad.

nevermind man,

You are right with what you say,

Because once I had to get up real early for work, I went to work for a couple hours then came back home, and slept straight away. I ended up having an OOBE (or something very close to it, at least an LD!) during that final sleep!


me? thinking at 8 in the morning? :no: i learned after my freshman year to NEVER take early morning classes. that, and i find it near impossible to go back to sleep once i’ve gotten up. but hey, everybody’s different, glad it works for you man

I have philosiphy first thing in the morning, I find it wakes you up more. Im the same…once im up, im up for the day. At least for awhile until I take a nap.

In germany you can´t choose when to have your classes
Schools starts 7:30 am and that´s it :sad:

I was thinking you meant sleeping in class… hahaha

Yesterday I had two hours of class in the afternoon, managed to go, and ended up sleeping in both of them. Of course I had CRAZY experiences. I also suffered some crazy SP. I realized that I had fallen to sleep and was laying down across the chairs :shy: , so I tried to get up and I couldn’t. I had to rock back in forth in my mind to get up. I could feel my body slightly moving. The people behind me had to think I was on crack, but no… just SP in class.

Tapir: how old are you? They are talking about college.

I can just imagine someone doing that :razz:

Any suggestions for falling back asleep? I find that I can rarely go back to sleep, only if I’ve been awake for maybe 3 mins or so…

Oh my holy cow! I’m so glad that I’m not only person who suffered that weird SP experience.

I had problems in middle school where I get really drowsy and dream uncontrollablely. I actually passed out in some classes and my teachers were getting worried about me. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Fortunately, my problem is somehow fixed. Then in High school, I remember I used to take a nap in my human biology class everyday because I always get really lethargic. For 5 min. I will just pass out and I always have that strange rapid SP experience with vivid dream where I see ghost faces frozen in their last facial expressions. It was very creepy. I would always try to wake up, but I couldn’t. When I finally wake up… it would only be 5 min. I would be extremely confused.

I also had some experiences where I get extremely exhausted where I just tried to keep my eyes open. I would just end up falling out of my body. :eek: Then I would jerk… they made fun of me for a while. :razz: Oh well. :biggrin:

I just had to share that strange experience with you. :happy:

And also when I actually went to university, I did have some naps between classes only because I never got enough of sleep for a week (4 hours of sleep for the entire week)… and one time, I couldn’t wake up from it and it really felt like a coma state to me. It terrified me badly. I was traumatized by it. Now I make sure I have 7 hours or more of sleep or otherwise I get really nervous. :razz:

Hehe. Good luck with college by the way! :happy:

Are you talking about sleep paralysis? Cause I had that a couple times last week and it was probably the coolest feeling ever. After that I had a really intense LD. Last week was a real good LD week for me. Whenever I try to walk through a mirror, I cant find one! :grrr:

This technique worked wonderfully for me this morning. I went to sleep after coming back from my nine o’clock class and had a lucid. I didn’t even think about lucid dreaming. I was thinking about sex trying to incubator sex dream my dreams had nothing to do with sex though. But I have heard that having sex before going to sleep can cause very vivid dreams. I have also experienced this. Do you think that this had anything to do with me having a lucid?

If you think it does, it does. :content: Least thats the way I think of it, you know the whole placebo affect.

I tried WILD this morning after my 9 oclock class. But it didnt work, I couldnt see images or anything. I saw some weird shapes, but no vibrations. I didnt even become lucid at all, but had a very cool vivid dream.