School's started...NOW WHAT?!

Hullo everyone! I have a bit of a problem :sad: …since school has started, I cannot experiment with WILD or LDing really :neutral: . I haven’t done RC’s much at all during the past 3 months(on summer vacation)…just WILD. I am trying to increase my awareness during the day which seems to help somewhat (then it’ll “leak” into my dreams, then I’ll be aware of my surroundings as in RL). For those in school now, what do you do to try and get lucid dreams every night? Feel free to tell me all of your techniques specifically that help to get you lucid now that we are in school :cry: !!! Thanx a lot guys (and girls :content: )!


for me school starts monday…i think im just gunna do reality checks and maybe MILD every once in a while during the week

on the weekends im gunna keep trying WILD though

Yeah…RCs during school days really arn’t that bad. People wont really notice if you do un-noticable RCs. You could do the RC where you look at your hands, and that doesn’t seem unusual. But as for night-time and using WILD, it is still capable of working. Go to bed at a time that gives you plenty of sleep (8-10 hours), and then set your alarm clock to about 6 hours after you fall asleep for WBTB, and do WILD/MILD. It really doesn’t ruin your sleep.

Even though…my school starts monday as well, and I too am very…not wanting it to come…lol. AHH school is stupid! Tonight is my last “free-night”, and tomorrow is the last day. God sundays before the first day of school are the worst, because you cant enjoy yourself!! ok yeah I wont get off topic :smile:

You have allways the weekends :smile:
And what’s already told, you can still do WILD, and you can do other things like MILD, RC’s and stuff…

I still don’t get why people can’t LD when they have school, I havn’t actually had an LD during school holidays, and I think only 1 or 2 have been on the weekend. I just used MELD (the one where you use something to remind you to do 10,000 RCs a day, no-one noticed exept my friends who are also into LDing. And although I’ve never had a successfull WILD I can still do it on a school night, I’ve actually gotten quite close before. (up to the vibrations)

Doesn’t make a difference whether you are in school or not. It’s a very good place to do RCs such as looking at clocks or reading things…That is if you get a free moment from the lesson.

hmm, if class is boring enough, maybe I can try WILD’ing during class :roll:

^ :lol: ^

But yeah, it shouldn’t affect you too much. RC’s are pretty easy to do during the day–though I notice I haven’t done as much since school started. If you’re worried about not getting enough sleep, I’d go with MILD.