scientific evidence: the importance of daydreams

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thought it was a pretty neat article. and people say you cant find anything useful on Fark :smile:

Thank you for sharing this, it was a brilliant article.

Daydreaming has always been my thing. I’d rather just sit there and daydream than watch TV. Actually i haven’t watched TV in years. Problem with me is that i spend too much time daydreaming XD


Amazing article… I only watch TV occasionally, when I really want to see something, and I do often find myself daydreaming. I always used to find myself daydreaming in maths lessons, much to the annoyance of my maths teacher who would always tell me to stop it and focus.

If only she’d seen this article. Maybe she would’ve let me daydream, and hey, I might’ve even came up with a whole new mathematical rule!

Excellent article. Kill your TV!

I think I’ll print this out even, so I can bring this up in my Theory of Knowledge class. We’re talking about meditation and neuroplasticity right now and this would be applicable. :content:

There was an interesting correlation in there to lucid dreaming (at least, I saw a connection). They said that when you are aware that you are daydreaming you are more likely to be able to recognize creative ideas you’ve come up with, hence being kind of in control of your daydream. Just like with regular dreaming, if you are aware that you are dreaming, LD, you have control of the dream.

I agree and I believe there is something there in daydreams in regards to LDs. I think this is part of the way to get into WILDs.

Admission: the most vivid daydreams I’ve ever had were after much consumption of some extremely nice marijuana. I felt like I could control my daydreams and it was so exciting it was near the feeling of the first stages of lucidity where you get excited and wake yourself out of the LD.

admission ?
i ate ice cream and it tasted good!

the abstractions can come from the most keen of places,
even going somewhere you don’t “like” it might spark a huge train of awesome day-dreams that never would have came if you didn’t go.

its really nice to be constantly wandering, as waking life says “the goal is to be in a state of constant departure”
its so
to be your own random rambling prophet dude just,
even if its through a shopping mall, truly truly wandering it the right way, can be greatly freeing to the mind
creativity comes when it makes rhythms out of the unknown as stepping stones into the cosmos

translucent stepping stones

“everything in moderation including moderation.”

keep going
keep thinking, keep exploring, also,
explore silence and non-thought
value both
if you just WRITE, the words will come and they will be good,
you also have to feel good, and easy-going
the same is true for any creative process
actually ARE dreams, if you are meditating right you can even see how they have their own visual dimension, its strange.

AND they are what create dreams, its stranger,

I’ve never had a daydream… is that bad? :sad:

Well I bet you have. I don’t think by day dream they mean a dream like your are sleeping but while awake. Its when you aren’t paying attention and your mind starts to wonder. You may start playing little scenarios in your head, but not actually see them taking place like in a dream. I could be wrong, but those are my thoughts.

Of course you’ve had daydreams, everyone has. I’ll give you a very simple scenario.
You’re walking down the road. You get bored so you imagine what it would be like if you suddenly bumped into a friend.
Maybe you’re watching a movie, and you imagine what it would be like if you were one of the main characters.

You do it all the time, sometimes you daydream without you noticing.
I tend to realise im daydreaming 90% of the time, because it’s on my ‘favourite things to do’ list, but there are times when even i don’t notice that my mind has wondered off. Especially when i am supposed to be doing homework >.>

I daydream a lot, and it’s quite fun to do so. It helps that I have a good [overactive :smile:] imagination.

I personally prefer my daydreams to TV because in my daydreams anything can happen. The exception is when I fall asleep while daydreaming and my daydream becomes a dream, then I have little control.

I don’t think I ever realized that most people don’t realize that they’re daydreaming; I always do, in fact, I usually cause the daydreams myself. It’s one of the main reasons that I run every day: the adrenaline really helps to create some very interesting (and violent) daydreams, such as killing that sonofa[I don’t like asterisks so I’ll just put this here and assume that you know what I was going to say] psychopath old man on 24.

I also tend to use daydreams whenever I think about anything , even math.(besides trig, trig is far too annoying).

Wow intersting artical, but it makes me mad to think that T.V. is causing our children to be non imaginative, and less creative then they should. I think there should be a class for nothing, but daydreaming, and what not. You just go into the class room, and for that whole hour you write, draw or just sit, and think. You are allowed to do whatever you want. According to this artical it could be good to have such a class. I feel myself going off into a tangent that might veer off topic. So ill stop now.