Scientific proof of homeopathy... Is it possible?

A few days ago, a group of traditional medicine followers announced they will prove that homeopathy hasn’t got any scientific meaning, and thus it’s pure deception. They’re going to drink some snake poison which is diluted with a factor of 1 to 10^60. Scientists say that at this dilution, there can’t be any atom of the snake poison left in the sample. Homeopaths however say it’s not the physical appearance of the atoms which does the healing, but the energy from the snake poison which is stored in the water.
What do you think about homeopathy? Is there a way to prove/disprove its existence? Does a supposed scientific proof of the (non)existence of homeopathy even have value?
Post your thoughts :smile:

As far as i know homeoathy is just a medicine line that uses to chemicals in their products.All natural and composed accordingly to medical research.
I guess its very good way to keep being healthy.Though here in poland all whats homeopatic has a price:(

Homeopathy is not accepted by the majority of conventional scientists. They often think it’s just a placebo, coincidence or even pure deception and therefore cannot be regarded as a scientifically confirmed approach of medicine.
Just for the record, here’s a definition of homeopathy:


And what about other alternative therapies such as reflexology, chiropractice, aromatherapy, acupuncture,…?