Scientific question about Dreams

Lately I have been thinking about dreams and the difficulty involved with recalling their memories. Do you think that all of the dreams we have forgotten and their memories are still stored somwhere deep inside the brain that is really difficult to access? For instance after waking from a long appearingly uninterrupted sleep, I cannot remember any of my dreams, but I at the same time I dont feel like as if I fell asleep, then immidiately woke up afterwards. I sense the presence of time between falling asleep and awakening. Then a few hours later something reminds me of my dream and suddenly I am able to recall the entire memory. Or do their memories literally fade away in our brain, never to be recalled again. I guess these two theories can be applied to all forgotten memories IRL too. Does anyone understand what I am trying to say?

this is a really great question!

One I dont have the answer for unfortunately…but all I can do is give my opinion,

I think everything we have done, either while on physical earth or in our dreams, is recorded down in our minds. We find it difficult to remember dreams alot, but then again, think about it, do you remember say, 3-4 days ago, what you did, step by step, exactly? You will forget fragments.

But I think everything is stored in our minds, wether we remember them or not. Maybe when we are physically dead we will be more aware and be able to re-call every memory in our head.


Hm, same question with the whole subconscience thing. Can our brain retain memories that our conscience mind isn’t aware of? Obviously to some extent, just from the fact that we’ll remember something that we had forgotten before. Interesting question, I’m not completely sure how much/long the brain can remember things, I’ll try to remember to ask my sister tomarrow, she just took a Nuro class and was talking about something related to this.

I think memories that extend beyond the Short Term memory (which is merely for the basic survival of the body) is stored externally from the Mind. As it stands right now, Science has no idea where the Brain stores Long Term memory and in my opinion, they will never find it. The Brain is merely a device used to filter and translate information back and forth between the physical world and the spiritual world. It’s consistently connected to this Source (our life essence) much like The Matrix, where each individual was acting seperately, collecting all these experiences, but transmitting them to a ‘larger collective whole.’ This enables individuality to coincide with Unity and Collectiveness.

Dreams are when the Brain, the physical filter of cosmic information, shuts down the parts that control External Stimuli. This allows the Spirit (or Mind) to journey out of the confines of the Physical and explore the infinite depth of the Source. Dreams are mostly examples of choices you could have made and alternate experiences of those choices, but only to be taken at a metaphorical standpoint for learning purposes. Lucid Dreaming is when the Brain is more or less bypassed and allows the Spirit to explore Itself. This is why Lucid Dream and Dreaming in general offers us insight to our very being. If Dreaming was ‘random chemical neurons’ firing in the Brain, then they would never have an encrypted message and never give us information.

I think every thought, action, emotion and experience is ‘stored’ in the Great Mind, the part that is normally veiled and hidden from us for the purpose of experiecing the Physical the way it must be to learn from. It is said that upon Death we go through a “life review” (life flashing before your eyes). This event basically takes us through every single experience we EVER had, from birth to death, and we experience these events from a multitude of angles and perspectives for the purpose of finding out ‘what kind of person’ we are.

So perhaps every single moment that passes is essentially ‘recorded’ for later playback. The physical Brain cannot recall all this information at any given moment because it’s not designed to do so, it’s designed to limit information to the Soul unless the Soul actively seeks this information out. This can also apply to past-lives and our memories (or lack thereof) of them.