Scientists Pinpoint OBE Area in the Human Brain

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Scientists Zero in on Out-Of-Body Experience
Wed Sep 18, 5:28 PM ET
By Patricia Reaney

LONDON (Reuters) - Swiss scientists think they have pinpointed the area of the brain where out-of-body experiences are triggered.

While they used electrodes to stimulate the brain of a female epilepsy patient during treatment, the woman began describing feeling as though she had left her body and was floating above it.

“I see myself lying in bed, from above,” the 43-year-old patient told Olaf Blanke and his colleagues at the University Hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne.

Blanke and his team produced the phenomenon by stimulating an area in the right cortex of the brain called the angular gyrus, which is involved in spatial cognition. How they did it is reported in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

“It suggests that this experience is related to a specific part of the brain,” Blanke told Reuters. “It seems to be that this area is important for brain processes that could be related to out-of-body experience.”

Scientists suspect that about 10% of people brought back from the brink of death experience something similar, but it has been difficult to prove it actually occurs.

The phenomenon has also been reported by some migraine, epilepsy and stroke patients.

The Swiss researchers produced the sensation, which lasted for about 2 seconds, three times in the patient. She reported feelings of lightness and floating about 2 meters above the bed, close to the ceiling.

When Blanke’s team asked the woman to look at a part of her body from the heightened position, her legs for example, she had illusions and reported seeing her legs “becoming shorter.”

“She saw this. It was very real. She had the feeling she punched herself in the head if she bent the arm a bit,” Blanke said.

The scientists suspect that the angular gyrus matches up visual information, how the body is seen, and touch and balance sensations that create the mind’s representation of the body.

They believe an out-of-body experience may occur when the two do not link up.

Blanke does not know why the phenomenon occurs in people who have been near death but he said it could be due to a lack of oxygen or a disconnection or malfunction of certain brain regions.

He hopes his work will stimulate more collaboration between neurologists and scientists who have been involved in the phenomenological approach, to better understand out-of-body experiences.

Wow. This is REALLY cool. This means so many things for every industry on earth and for humans in general, but the experiment sounds so simple I wonder why they couldn’t do it sooner? (no patients maybe?)

Just think of the applications in the area of what was formerly known as virtual reality. Or first person shooters… :content: They still have a lot to figure out though, it sounds like all they know right now is that they can create an instant OBE in this epilectic patient. What will be even more interesting is when they find out what is responsible for the feeling that they are above their body, and not, for example, in some “dream world” completely different than their dream world.

That’d be cool, they could make someone have an OBE whenever they want…

I was just wondering- we have people here building their own Nova Dreamers and goggles and such.Could any of those people relate to this experiment(maybe write email to those ppl who made the experiment)and post if this is possibile to be done at home??
I know it could be dangerous and stuff-but regardless-is it possibile without expensive equipment?
thank a lot:)

I think they had to open her head, mounting on electrodes directly onto the brain, doubt thats something someone here will do at home :wink:

LOL Don’t put that past some people!!!

I still think its possibile to be done.Of course theres an element of risk and courage involved-lets leave it on the side.Im up to the challenge:)

Anyways-no need to open anyones skull.Using magnetic field or small electric power with pinpoints ON the head should do.
So if anyones here got technical mind and skills,i cant wait for your replies:)

the only problem is that they could only get it to work for a few seconds. its a step in the right direction though. it would be great if someone could get an instant obe machine built though.

yeah, i was going to say the same thing as thomas. in psychology class we watched a video where they were stimulating parts of the brain, i think it was a epilepsy patient. and what they did was they opened the skull so that you could see the brain, then they were looking for a certain part of the brain so they applied electricity to parts of the brain, and as they figured out the different parts, they labeled them with small paper numbers… and she was awake the whole time, aware that her head was open.
now i dont think i would want anyone to crack open my skull and apply electricity to parts of it while im concsious unless it was necessary, like if i was going to die, or have very severe epilepsy, and not even if i get an OBE.
but you can stimulate parts of the brain with magnetic fields etc, and with this method you might be able to create it, and i think that would be possible. but god damn no ones opening my skull!


Some interesting revelations going on with breakthrough sciences…

Seems the human mind shall have some light shed on it, with current chemical synthetics not being able to handle pain (finding alternatives in hypnotism and suggestive talk), similar to maybe solving fears with dreams? :eh:

Jack: if you’re ready to be my vict… eh, I mean experiment subject, I’m willing to test it. I am an experienced and licenced Braincuttoprotologist.
Honestly! It will require that you except all responsibility, although there obviously is no risk. :smile:

I will start the procedure by making a small cut 5 cm above the colaberal voten cortage, and proceed from there with a fairly large paper knife, yanking the skull open, and ripping all unnecessary vains and nerves. Who needs them anyway?
Then I will pump 8 liters of clean spirit into that tiny opening, about 39cm diameter, and put a wire, directly from the nearest socket. This will produce a “faint” electrical tingling.

When this works (notice my confidince), you will signal me by tapping on my shoulder, since you will be floating above me, and I will continue the operation. Then I will close the hole in your head(which will not leave a scar) and bring you back to consciousness with a delicate kiss on the cheek.

And then you will have the ability to OBE on will.

Further information can be found on:


… I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…

LOL Gov lol:

An official OBE or astral projection is paranormal, thus not explainable by science. Just because you can mimic it does not mean you can disprove it just as easily. Science is like Religion, always pointing the finger and closing the mind. My mind is open to anything.

Nice lets hope they pin point the ld area in brain also…soon!