Scratching my way back to Dream Walk

Too long have I been dorment in the terms of lucidity.

My last LD was couple of years ago and I think it was the army period that ruined my efforts (3 years of almost no LD or time for sleep)

Well… lets not :cry: about the past and I would gladly recieve any :help: at-all trying to reach what I did 11 years ago until 2003.

Motivation status - Medium
Dreams recalled a night (AVG) = 2-3
LDs since comeback - none

I still posses the knowledge but that is what makes it so darn hard - I did it almost every night and now I can’t even come close to it. I know almost all about reaching it - though I can’t reach it for now…

Well… I stop the crying now :smile:

Maybe what keeps you back is the fact that you know you used to LD a lot and try too hard now. Maybe take your time and try not to LD, first try to get some real rest (unlike in the army) and then try again?

If you know you did it before so easily - then let yourself remember, get to bed with the intention of behaving, thinking like you did back then. Advice can easily be administered in dreams, so you can try asking before bed to receive guidance on how to get back to your lucidity days, and dream on. :smile:

Thanks all.

Going to try WBTB with MILD today (if I remember the dream perfectly) or WILD (If not)

Wish me luck and I will keep this post with the result :razz:

Failure. A funny one - I was too excited to WILD but the dream I recalled was to shadowy so I didn’t want to concentrate on MILD. I began the WILD and entered the SP but the excitement always pushed me out (Darn adrenaline flow!).
Anyhow, had a good 5 dream recall today and I hope it continues from now on.

Going for another try of WBTB with MILD.

Will logon to chat (maybe) 4 hours from now

I’d personally recommend WILD for trying to get back into it! For me (I find WILD fairly easy, don’t know about you) it gives me instant gratification, even if I DON’T get into a dream and is a HUGE motivating force!

Thanks for the advice :smile:

Anyhow, another failure - and it is my own laisyness. I just woke up looked around - didn’t remember any dream because I slept only 3.5 hours and went back to sleep.

Next time (today) I will wake-up, walk around and then do a WILD or a MILD - depends on my mood :smile:

Work on increasing the vividness of your dreams. If you dreams feel like you were just passively viewing them, then of course you won’t become lucid.

Quality of dreams is just as important as the number of dreams you remember.

Most of my delta dreams are very vivid and it can take up to 3 pages to describe them (I just don’t have the strength and the time to do so) the problem is the vividness of my own life - the waking life. I need to stop acting like an ant and start concentrating on my environment as I did in the LD.

Of course, the problem tonight was a bit different - I was too lazy. Hope that this night I will do better and actually Wake and get out of my bed.

The above posts reminded me of the movie Waking Life:
(the ant reference :wink: )

I almost had forgot just HOW FANTASTIC this movie is, it’s a must see for any lucid dreamer! :cool: