SDing to find someone!!

Anyone can help me??

I want to make a SD with someone that I don’t know in deed… I just remember her from some dreams, and I feel like we have some kind of conection. And as I’m not finding her anyone in the RL, I’d like to know if it’s possible to meet her SDing with her…
So, I would be able to ask her where she is in the RL…

You could, in a lucid dream, create a door and say something like “When I walk through this door I will enter the mind or dream of my soulmate”, If you succeed creating a connection between you two then you could speak to her ^^

(How wierd wouldn’t be if you’d be like taking a walk and suddenly hear a voice in your head or your thoughts saying like “Hi, my name is ¤&/¤# and I live in blablabla, I am having a lucid dream and apparently you are my soulmate. Where do you live? Oh, I can see where you live now since I have access to all your memories ^^ Later soulm8”)

It would be really weird!!! I just wanna talk directly to her in a SD if possible, but anyway, I’ll try this door-stuff; I’m really searching for her for a looong time… And, after all, SHE started contacting me somehow…

Well, thanks for the help!!

I’m going to try this too… Also I’ll find out the “ghost” girl I’ve seen recently in a dream. She was cute and was smiling at me… Maybe she’s the one?

É Rodrigo, parece que tu passou pela mesma coisa que eu passo, mas às vezes é acordado mesmo…

My mind is racing with questions

Translation: Rodrigo, looks like you’ve passed by the same thing as me, but sometimes it happens even when I’m awaken…

If you seer ghost girls while awake I’d suggest you’d visit a doctor… :bored:


It’s not like a ghost, is more like some weird telepathy…
And yeah, I’ve already tried a doctor anyway =P…

Ooolha, que bom ver outro brasileiro :happy: Temos também o Bruno e o Felipe Gall no fórum… Voltando para o tópico, eu de vez em quando tenho experiências assim, mas a garota foi algo diferente para mim…

(Translation: Look, how nice finding another Brazilian :happy: We also have Bruno and Felipe Gall in the forum… Back to the topic, I sometimes have this kind of experiences, but the girl was something different to me…)

Or not :smile: He could be a medium.

About the meeting someone experiment, I tried to find my Soul Mate this night :razz: Bizarre results, check out my DJ for the LDs.

I’ve been meeting this guy in my dreams too and I use this technique where I made a key and hid it in my room and when I enter a LD I go to my room grab the key and say "I wanna go to where *insert name or first thing that pops into your head here) and use it on a door and with your eyes closed walk through. Hope you get a good method on meeting your friend.


Welcome to LD4all, Colette. Enjoy your stay.

That key teleportation method sounds pretty good, I’ll have to try it some time. :happy:

Hey Colette, nice method!!!
I’ll try this too!!!
Thank you!!!

I really want to to do this too. Im going to try some sort of machine i can build in my dreams.

The same idea just got into my head… Only that I know that she is real, and I know her name. Wonder what will happen.

Try it out :smile: You have nothing to lose.

On a somewhat related matter, do you actually have to know someone to have a shared dream, and do they have to be lucid as well? In other words can I get inside a complete stranger’s (or someone you know) head and mess with them.

Provided you can enter other people’s dreams, yes.
It doesn’t matter wether you know them or not. But you will have to know something about them (A username, their look gender, country, age…) in order to enter their dreams. But you will never have access to someone’s thought and memories when SD-ing, just like you don’t get such access when meeting people IRL.

I’ve had a Shared dream with a friend from school once (non-lucid). In the dream, we didn’t actually know we were fighting each other. Only in the morning that we told each other’s dreams that we found out we were actually in the same dream .
Weird thing was as well, I couldn’t actaully See him. I just knew he was there (It is a game where you kill enemys) But I remember killing him. (After that he told me he woke up).
It was such a shock to hear him say ‘I had a dream about MBII, you know that game…’
‘Me too!’ after that, we were finishing each other’s sentences.

This comes down to, could some Dream characters be real people?
Even when you’re lucid, the random person you see maybe someone across the world from you.
I suggest that anyone you meet in a dream, you ask for their details. Preferably Email, since using phone numbers is hard enough to remember, plus it’s a tad intrusive.

Does anyone have tips for remembering names. I’ve asked this person in my dreams what his name is and he keeps telling me but when I wake up I immedately forget. Yet last night I had a ND where I meet three DC and I remember their names perfectly.