(SDP) Step Two : Normal/Lucid Dream Scenery Incubation

Before we are able to have a Shared Dream, we must first be able to incubate a dream, so that when we do Share Dreams, we are able to set up our dreams, so we can meet others in the same environment. Otherwise, we are going to have a REALLY hard time doing this…

Dream Incubation, as stated above, is the foundation of having a Shared Dream. While doing this, it really does not matter if it is a Normal Dream or a Lucid Dream. But as we all know, if it is lucid, you can have a lot more fun :smile: Anyways…What we will be doing is creating various dreams.

We will start out with what I call “Loading Room Dreams”. Basically, we will just start out in a solid colored room. Think of it like the Matrix at the beginning. You will be standing just in a single room, and you can put whatever you want in there. You could even put a “bot” like person to make you lucid automatically. But the main goal is to just be able to “load” a small room for one or more of your dreams.

Next, we will go further out and start making more action type dreams. We will try and make ourselves appear at some place like a jungle or on a battlefield, so that way when our dream starts, our mind will probably go in the direction of its scenery. For example, if you load into a battlefield, odds are you will have a dream about war and guns and killing.

After that, it is pretty much up to you guys to practice creating your own personal dream environments. On off time, you can even set one of your favorite dreams to be your starting place every single night you sleep. That way, it will not only be a vacation every night for you, but you can get lucid pretty easily :smile:

Before we do this, it is important that your Dream Recall is up. Honestly, you need Dream Recall more than anything. If you can’t remember your dreams, how are you going to know if you succeeded or not… Also, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A WRITTEN DREAM JOURNAL! It helps a lot if you write your dreams RIGHT when you wake up on paper with a pen/pencil. Usually if you go to the computer to write your dreams, you can forget a lot of things, and it’s not so final.

You also need to make sure you have time to do this. I know a lot of us, including me, really don’t have a lot of spare time and sleep for that matter. Well…we need to make time for it, or else this project will not go anywhere. SO MAKE TIME!

I’m going to write up the loading room dream now. The other dream incubation tasks will be written later, when this is completed.

—Planning Your Room—
Now, this is a fun part of the process if you like planning stuff…lol. Just sit for a moment and think up a small single roomed dream environment for yourself. It could be something like the Matrix at the beginning, or anything else. Here is mine:
I start out my dream, and I’m standing right in the middle of a cubed white room. Walls, floors, ceilings are all white. In front of me is a huge big screen TV. I turn around, and there is a couch with a woman sitting on it. She has a clipboard in her hand. She then says, Ben, you’re dreaming, now perform a reality check. So I perform one and I’m lucid.

You must note, you DO NOT have to be lucid in the dream. I only choose that so if I want to mess around afterwards, I can just jump right in my TV and have fun. lol. Yours can be like that, or a completely other setting. It does not matter.

—Programming Your Room In—
This part is kind of hard, it just depends on how busy you are. What you need to do, is throughout your waking life, visualise your dream room, and picture yourself doing the action(s) that you intended yourself to do. Keep going over it as if you were dreaming it. Do this however many times a day, the amount doesn’t matter, but making it stick in your head does. Make sure your sub c knows about this place!

—Falling Asleep—
For the way I will explain, I will be using VILD because to me, that is the easiest way to do this. But you could use MILD or whatever else you want.

Ok, so you’ve planned your dream, and thought it through over the course of your days. Now, it is time to live it! When falling asleep, well first make sure your tired, start thinking about your dream setting again, just like you did when thinking about it during the day. Keep going over it and picture it as best you can in your mind. You may drift off, so just keep coming straight back to it. Do not stop at all. You may feel yourself waking up a little. And if that’s the case, ease up a little, don’t get stressed over thinking about something over and over. Just let the dream go through you. Eventually, you will drift away and fall asleep. Then, when you first start dreaming, if your scenery was the last thing on your mind, you will be in your new room! YAY!

Do what was said to do above, PLUS, use WBTB. After falling asleep thinking about your dream setting, wake up about 6 hours later. When you do, simply do the whole process again as if you were just going to bed. Now this time, odds are you will be so tired, and still thinking about it, that while picturing it, it will actually form into a real dream. And you may not realise it at first, but you will be in that room you planned. And if you intended to get lucid, you will really notice that it worked.

—Waking Up—
Ok so you just got to visit the environment that you’ve planned out…yay! When you wake up, DON’T move. Go over what your dream was in your head, and when it’s solid, grab your DJ and write it down. This is important to go over it, because when you get up and do something else or think about something else, your dream will quickly just black out of your memory. So anyways by doing this, you can actually remember better. Then…pat yourself on the back, because you’re ready to move on!

Now that you have finished your task, you can now start making other rooms of your choice. Tweak it up a bit. Maybe add more detail and more people. Do anything!! Keep practicing, and then you will be ready for the action environment dream incubation, which I will talk about, later!

If you have any questions, or problems because I didn’t make any sense, just reply and I’ll try and answer or fix your problems. Otherwise, GOOD LUCK! This can be really really really fun!

WOW! I am very impressed! This is a nice post! If it truly works like you say it does (and I’m sure it does), it belongs in the library. Good luck everyone, and I’ll see you in a SD. :cool:

Good explanation of the Dream incubation, i wasn’t sure of what was that but now i get it.

It sounds fun to do but i can barely think of that only so i’ll have to set some hours to think about the scenery.

Thanks :smile:

Very good post. I’ll be trying out that perhaps tomorrow.

Oh, and I’ve been gaining in dream recall, but I often don’t write it down in my book. Dammit. x.x

Oh, well. Best of luck to all of us. :slight_smile:

Hope everybody has started this and is making some progress…

I have started, but am not making much progress. How’s everyone else doing?

As of now, I have chosen to incubate this course of action, into my daily affairs. I will let you know of any progression.