sealife and ld4all unite :)

I have put a direct link to sealife on ld4all, explora has done the same on sealife.

so now all sealife/ld4all addicts can easily travel between the two forums :happy:

If you don’t know sealife i suggest you check it out. :grin:

Sealife is a forum where dreamers collaborate in dreamteams to learn from each other in a safe environment.

thank you explora, i’m happy we have made this link :content: I hope many dreamers will travel it :dream:

let our powers combine ? :content:

Nice PasQuale and Explora :smile: Congrats!

The dream world becomes larger and larger :happy:
And all nationalities unite here :wink:
Under the same shared experience called dreaming!


Happy Day :angel_fly:

I’m very excited :smile:

Lol. Sea Life gets a very good deal out of this, so i’m ultra appreciative to Pasquale for thinking it up in the first place… I guess Sea Life has alot of regulars (though not so many members), so hopefully many of us will decide to trip off to ld4all.

I know I will find it esp. handy!

Anyway. I extend a big welcome to Sea Life to all dreamers here. This sure beats making promotional posts in the dream diary forum :smile:

P.S. for those of you who don’t know sea life is a great place for joining a dream team, and developing your skills with some new friends! i hope some of you enjoy!

bye now. and once again a very big thanks to pasQuale for making it possible. ps. thanks jeff and fear for hte words of encouragement…

[size=150]may lucid dreamers unite[/size]

united states of dreamers


Yea! Thanks Q! :gni:

ULD=United Lucid Kingdom
VHK=Verenigd Helder Koninkrijk

Is there a forum like sea life for Dutch people? Infact, I think it would be good to spread the lucid world thurther.

Finally! My days are over looking for a post made form DM7, she’s my direct link :wink:

Pasquale you have no idea how this helps me :cool_laugh: :grin: :happy: :smile:

<|:D Hubbs does the happy Dance

Great, I’m glad to see SeaLife and LD4all uniting. :smile: It will help people out.

I have been at Sea Life and all I can say is that it helped me a lot when I was there. I learned a lot about how powerful dreaming can be. I still have that Sea Life link on my signature in case if anyone lol doesn’t want to click all the way to the top. :rofl: I love to tease y’all. :content:

Good luck Explora and pasQuale!

Hello everyone! I’m back from the ether :cool: Myabe someone can help…I’ve always wondered, what are dream teams anyway?

It’s a small group of people who share their dreams in a private forum. They support one another…visit sealife and read the dream team FAQ in the lighthouse section.
Often your recall etc improves because you are in a team. :cool:

I would really suggest anyone from LD4all who wants to improve their dream recall and lucid dream count join Sealife and get into a dream team. Right now one of the members and I are having VERY accurate dreams of the other where we can make out features, looks feelings exc. We could only do this in a dream team becasue we are monitering each others dreams! It’s really great because you work with a group of about 7 and can accomplish a lot and the team can grow together!

BTW you don’t need to be able to be lucid or anything, just be able to write down your dreams for the members of your group and be ready to try experiments!

I joined up already last year! But I didn’t know what it was…:sad: Anyway I’m back in my old account as volcanic_sherbert!! I’ma gonna join me a dreamteam!!! :content:

Ahhh…you have just revealed your secret identity! :tongue: I have just been talking to you at sealife. I thought I hadn’t spotted a "volcanic_sherbert here. :eh:

Hey this was a great idea pasQuale! :happy:

I agree w/ all the ppl who suggested ppl take a look at Sealife. Like some ppl that posted in this thread…i was once a member of teh Sea Life sommunity as well :smile:. I was there since teh beginning and i had a really fun and enjoyable time there ^^ My dreams were greatly improved upon joining one of the DReaM TeaMs there:) The diff from the beginning of my dream diary to the end was very big and clearly showed how much i really did improve on my dreaming by being a member of that dream team. Its a nice forum and it should be given a chance by all ^~