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[size=150][color=indigo]Resonant Moon: [/color][color=red]Sunwolf’s Assignments[/color][/size]

[color=darkblue]Author/s: [/color][color=darkred]Sunwolf[/color]
[color=darkblue]Last Edit: [/color][color=darkred]Rhythmic Moon, Silio 28. Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey. Yellow Cosmic Seed Year[/color]

[color=indigo]Each moon, through the Star Foundation, the Sea Life and First Earth Dreaming School forums run a fun mutual dreaming adventure or research project to learn more about our world, and the evolutionary path before ourselves, and our planet. During the Resonant Moon, we’ll be playing around with Sunwolf’s Assignments. Ready to go to dream school? :candle: :thumbup: :confused:hake: [/color]

[size=117][color=darkred]13 Moon Calendar[/color][/size]

[color=darkblue]The 13 Moon Calendar presents a new way of moving through time, based around the simple, natural rhythm of 13 Moons of 28 Days. Additional information about the movement is available at the home of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. More moonly pictures can be found in our 13 Moon Calendar: Journey of the Peace Train.[/color]

[size=117][color=darkred]Sunwolf’s Assignments[/color][/size]
[color=darkblue][b] On Thursday December 29, 2006, the last day of the Tzolkin Spin, Kin 260, pasQuale had this dream:

Yellow Cosmic Sun[/b][/color]

[b]This synchronicity inspired me to consider using this dream as the context for our Resonant Moon project. I got Q’s permission and wrote this up. Hopefully we will have many members from Sea Life, LD4All and First Earth Dreaming School (at least the members of the dream: pasQuale, aQua, Moogle, and myself to honor the dream and bring out more of its potential).

Another dream I’d like to represent is one from GreenEyes, which ties in here in this dream playtime/dreamtime:

Sandy (Greeneyes) had this CULTURE DREAM March 11, 2004

Greeneyes wrote:[/b]

[size=117][b][color=darkred]PLEASURE Questions

There is a list of questions on both doors. What would the questions be?

If I might imagine these questions on each door, please answer the one that pertains to you during this project, Sunwolf’s Assignments, PLEASURE Questions for those who just want to have fun, and PROJECT Questions for those who want to do deeper Active Dream Work (you can always answer both, or switch, or start off with the Pleasure Questions and if you think you want to do the Production questions come back and answer them later… do whatever works for you): [/color][/b][/size]

[color=blue]1. Do you know your joy?[/color]

[color=red]2. Do you follow your bliss?[/color]

[color=blue]3. Do you know how to relax and have fun?[/color]

[color=red]4. Can you get out of your own way to allow happiness and joy to enter your life?[/color]

[color=blue]5. Are you too serious to be playful? How do you think you can use these assignments to loosen up?[/color]

[color=red]6. Do you like to explore and experiment with new ways to have fun?[/color]

[size=117][color=darkred]PRODUCTION Questions[/color][/size]

[color=blue] 1. Do you know your intent?[/color]

[color=red]2. Do you know what you wish to create?[/color]

[color=blue]3. Are you aware how to begin your creation?[/color]

[color=red]4. Do you have ideas how to make your production grow?[/color]

[color=blue]5. Have you the knowledge to complete your production and share it.[/color]

[color=red]6. Do you need help in creating your production?[/color]

[size=117][b][color=darkred]Sunwolf’s Assignments
Ok, are you ready to play? Here in Sunwolf’s Dream School, I have 6 assignments for each of you this Resonant Moon. Remember the Resonant Moon is Monkey Moon, January 10-February 6th, 2006 and is the Moon of Attunement.

Please look these assignments over and pick one (you can always do more as the project progresses). Pick one and post which one you are doing, and try the incubation for 3 nights (unless you get a dream right off the bat, stop with that dream and post it so we can all comment on it)[/color][/b][/size]

[color=blue]A. Dream Re-entry: try to enter pasQuale’s dream, or Greeneyes dream, or pick one of your favorite dreams (post it first) then set your intent to re-enter the dream that you have picked. Share any dream you get, no matter if you were on target or not. (it will be the answer to the incubation and shed more light on the Active Dream process)[/color]

[color=red]B. Body healing. Meditate on your body and notice if there are any aches and pains, areas that you would like to heal, say for instance: lower back, neck, head, etc. Once you’ve chosen the area you want to heal, set your intention before you sleep to have a dream about healing this area. (once again share whatever dream you get, as this is the answer to the incubation, even if you don’t understand it at first)[/color]

[color=blue]C. Star Knowledge picture glyph incubation (Nick shared this site with us in a past Moon project and with excellent results). Go to link below, click ENTER HERE for more selections, such as 1st door, 2nd door, 3rd door, 4th door (and for more advanced project work click on 11:11, 12:12, or 13:13 links) and pick a picture glyph that you are drawn to, concentrate on it before bed and ask for a dream. Share whatever you get with us, plus the image, here at the project.[/color]

[color=red]D. Pick an assignment for yourself, write it up and post it here before you incubate your dream on it.[/color]

[color=blue]E. Healing Earth. Decide on what you want to heal on Planet Earth. Before going to bed, visualize the Earth, the area you want to heal or the situation you wish to work on in your dreams and go to sleep with this dream incubation on your conscious mind. Share whatever dream that you get.[/color]

[color=red]F. Before you go to bed, set your intent that you have a dream at this time for your highest good. Share the dream that you get.[/color]

STAR KNOWLEDGE home page - by Chief Standing Elk / Chief Golden Eagle / Chief Black Spotted Horse

[size=117][color=darkred]Write-up at the end of the project or when you are finished:
June Singer writes in her book, Boundaries of the Soul: the practice of Jung’s psychology that the main focus of Jung’s work was to help the client/patient discover their “Weltanshauung” or “philosophy of life”. Jung worked extensively with dreams, and his theories, though sometimes hard to understand, basically boil down to creating a psychic bridge between the Conscious/ego mind and the unconscious/Self. His definition of psychic was the discovery of what was once unconscious, and thus becoming conscious of some new discovery about the self (which I feel is what the dreamtime is all about). At the end of your assignments, I’d like you to write a little paragraph on whether you feel this project helped you expand your understanding of the Self, and gave you more information about your philosophy of life or at least if you see the potentential in that with this Active Dream Work.[/color]

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