@Sealife: the Sacred Soul Contract

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[size=150][color=indigo]Magnetic Moon: [/color][color=red]The Soul’s Sacred Contract[/color][/size]

[color=darkgreen]Author/s: [/color][color=darkblue]Nick Cumbo (explora)[/color]
[color=darkred]Last Edit: [/color][color=darkblue]Magnetic Alpha 5 - White Rhythmic Wizard[/color]

[color=indigo]Each moon, at the [size=167]Star Foundation [/size]Sea Life and First Earth Dreaming School forums, we run a fun mutual dreaming adventure or research project to learn more about our world, and the evolutionary path before ourselves, and our planet. During the Magnetic Moon, we’ll be stepping into discovery of self, venturing into dreaming in search of The Soul’s Sacred Contract[/color]

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[size=134][color=darkred]The Soul’s Sacred Contract[/color][/size]
[color=darkblue][b]Last Moon, while out Dreaming for the Planet, we found ourselves experiencing some interesting patterns in our collective dreaming. Ron mentioned in the first few days of the project, that he’d seen as many as six dreams of Zombies at both Sea Life and First Earth Dreaming School in a matter of days. These weren’t to go away.

Soon, we had more reports:

  • Sara dreamt of an “abandoned zombie house”, and a zombie in a blind search for chemicals and drugs “that gave him immortality”
  • Ron dreamt of me issuing a sighting of Zombies in Australia
  • Ron dreamt of a hotel basement, that bore a close resemblance to an assembly line. Here, Zombies were putting people on hooks, and turning them into zombies also
  • Jen dreamt that the world had "been infected with the zombie disease - ", and that the zombies were killing everyone.

Sara suggested that these Zombies may represent the sleep walkers of the planet, and I must say I agree. Reading these experiences, I was struck by the similarities between these zombies, and the often mindless behaviour that is so prevalent on our planet today.

It sometimes seems like we humans have forgotten our souls, and are walking round blindly, enacting the same basic impulses as are passed onto us through the other zombies. Well this Moon’s project, is about “Waking Up”, waking up to our purpose here on Earth, and the deeper wishes of the soul.

Yes. What if we came into this life, with a deeper spiritual purpose, from which we hoped to grow? This moon, we’ll be venturing into the Dreamtime, with the intention of seeking out our Sacred Soul Contracts, gaining insights on the promises and dreams we may have held before this life even began.

When asked how he could put an end to the tirade of zombie dreams, Ron called on his dreams to help out.[/color][/b]

[color=indigo]Are we all ready to Play our Parts?[/color]