Searching for dreamers you "might" shared with

Seeker from the DV forum posted a thread called “Welcome future lucid dreamer, whoever you are.” read his thread but he said he incountered a DC that acted like a real person and he said he was 60% sureish it wasn’t a DC.

Anyway I’ve added a new page at the Crossroads where I’m going to post these sort of experineces and then if the other person does search the net then they might hopefully find it. Page is

People can try in their LD’s to interact with DC’s, try to convince them like Seeker did that this is a dream (to get them lucid). Ask them to search the net when they wake for the lucid crossroads. If a DC acts all dum, uninteligent, vacant then its not going to be a waking life person. DC’s that vanish sound intresting to me (waking dreamer vanishes from your dream?). We all have those one or two people in our ld’s that seem to be something more than the norm.

Anyway email/pm me or use this thread if you have any shared dreams (with people you know) or any experiences like Seeker that I will post.