searching your mind

if you’ve ever seen the movie “dream catcher”, it kind of makes it easier to understand. in the movie, this one guy can literally go into his mind and walk around inside it, its like a big house with lots of boxes with all kinds of stuff inside it. do you think its possable to do this kind of thing, going inside your mind through meditation or LD?

I think it is possible to do similar things with lucid dreaming, perhaps with meditation. I am fairly confident, as I quite commonly find ‘answers’ in dreams.

I have done things like that, i called it virtual memory, kinda like the kind of memory a computer has, with files and directories and the abilitie to pull em up and view em, or move to a different location in the “directory” and in other directories were other body functions like heartbeat, etc… this was with DXM so i dont really know its relevant or not. but it may be because all chemicals do is open up parts of the brain you dont normally use. So i do believe its possible to open em up once you get used to manipulating your subconcious… any comments?

Cool. If it was 3D then how were the directories organized (in space) and what did the files look like (before and while viewing)? I have a similar experience (non drug induced), which started from the void. Only the “files” were dreams, looking like bubbles. They were flying towards me from some source. There was also a voice that explained everything to me. Then I picked one dream and the voice told me what it was about and then I just entered into it and lost lucidy.


same for me what illusion and paul described.
i had this experience after smoking salvia and canabis during
a mountain retreat - was kind of a computer-style interface which
was thoughtcontrolled and could do whatever i wanted to see,
hear, etc. i was able to go back to the origins/causes of this rebirth.