Second LD Being

I read last night that people can have a (sorta) different person in the LD world. IS this true? Cuz if it is I will deffinitly have someone else be me!

You want to know if people can have different dream bodies than their own? Then the answer is yes :smile: In a LD you can become everything you want. If you want, you can experience how it is to be another person, an animal, plant or even a ball of light or the whole earth. You can even split you body into clones. The possibilities are endless, but to succeed in shapeshifting you really need to believe it is possible while you’re in a dream. If you believe it is possible, you will succeed. But if there is only a tiny amount of doubt, then you’ll probably fail. Good luck!

You know, In a LD I’d really like to morph into something like a Hawk or Eagle and just soar. :cool: