Second LD in 5 days!!!!!!! w00tage!!! (again)

I had my second LD last night (only 4 days after my first!!), though I don’t remember it quite as well, and I wasn’t as lucid this time. But, still, kick-ass. It all started when… um… I forget, but somehow I had kudos of money and I was like “omg liek wtf.” And I was like “it’s gonna suck if this is a dream,” so I read one of the dollar bills, flipped it over, flipped it over agin, and it didn’t say the same thing. So I was like “w00tage, I’m dreaming!” First I went to rob hastings, but there were like robots in there robbing it. Yeah, I have weird dreams. Then I tried a new flying technique, I pretended there was power coming out of my feet. It made me fly a lot better than last time. Once again, I still haven’t been capable to remember one dream per night, but I still get lucid. My first LD is here :