second life

ok i have a question that is aimed at the pros of course

Is it possible to write a huge maybe 30 page creation of your own world, write down what its like, setting, importatnt place, possible rulers, government system (if any), and any inner workings, any changes to physics (could be fun). But memorize what you write, well. and try to have a lucid dream of it. when u wake up log what happened in your dream log, and where your world is described in, read it again, and rouphly go back to where you left off…

pretty much what im saying, if you get good enough could you theoretically live a second life???

well…anyone know if tis sort of thing can happen??

I think that’s possible! you have a good imagination!
but 30 pages isn’t a bit excessive? I don’t think you can remember all that in a dream! Many of us can barely remember what we did the last day while dreaming and you want to remember all that… Anyway very good idea :smile:

im going to try this…but i have to master lucid dreams first…

i take that last post back, i guess no one can master it, because imagination is endless…had to get that out

LOL, I’m actually doing this and taking it many strides ahead of your idea too. I have already created my own world in my head, and now I’m creating a language for the people living there and I’m writing a “holy book” to describe their religion and history.

WOW! nice, im going to get started on it tomarrow…

but it would be nice for a place to post ideas for created worlds… so you can visit what other people invision / make up :happy: dont i have great ideas! lol

Oh yeah, that’d be fun! I made my own little world a long time ago, but I didn’t really write anything down so I kinda forgot about it. :razz:

I bet it would be interesting to see our own created worlds…

i know of people who have created entire realities in their dreaming careers, i myself find it far to much, and fairly egotistical. i think its easier to find what you want out there on the astral, rahter than try and make it yourself.

Oh yes it is possible…I have been dreaming about a certain “world” now and then since I was old enough to put things into words. I have been asked to post a summary of that world, and will do when I get my home connection back. :cool: I wouln’t call it a second life though. Those dreams are far too rare for that.

My project didn’t start with trying to create a world of my own. It started when I began trying to make my own language and escalated from there. Funny thing is that I didn’t know at the time that Lord of the Rings came about in the same way, with Tolkien trying to create a world where his languages would be used.

You wouldn’t need to memorize it - you’d just need to read it once. Your brain memorizes everything, and never forgets even if you can’t conciously recall it.
The weather on the 4th of July, 1992? What was it? Of course you can’t remember on a concious level, but you’re unconcious mind still remembers, and this could be brought out in a dream.

The only problem you’d have would be trying to make the dream consistant.

Siiw: Oh, I wanna read that :cool:.

that would take some effort to get down, but whoever does it, I wasnt to read their results!

and even if they did, they would have a hard time getting people to believe.

yeah thats one huge problem about this forum. too may skeptical people who choose not to believe anybody but themselves.

Yes, but keeping a completely open mind at a forum like this can delude you. If it were only about lucid dreaming that would be good, but what’s so great here is that discussion is open to anything remotely related to it. And I know I’m not the only one to think that some of it is bogus. It often branches out into personal beliefs, and if something goes against that then why should we believe someone?

Just to name a few controversial topics (not saying they’re bogus, just controversial): past lives/reincarnation, spirit guides, shared dreaming, year long dreams, astral projection, etc.

I believe it is possible, because fiction writers create worlds all the time. And people have dreams about those worlds after reading their books, for example lord of the rings. I think anyone with a little imagination could write a story and dream about it.

That world I was talking about, is just a description of my surroundings in a reoccurring series of dreams. :cool: it is not like i dream about it every night, or spend years.