Secret daydreams vs. dream content

We all probably have untold dreams and wishes. Some don’t share because they are afraid the daydreams are ridiculous, too small and silly to be followed. For me, the small and silly dreams make every day more exciting. If i always shared every wish, somebody would probably try to give that to me (yes i am that lucky :content: ) and there would be no daydream anymore.

This is probably silly, but it adds excitement to every day when there is a chance that somebody would give me something, by pure chance, that i have wished for a long time. Of course it has also happened that somebody has almost fulfilled that kind of dream, and then changed their mind and crushed the hope. :tongue:

Especially in my childhood, this influenced the content of my dreams strongly. I would dream several times of passing a spot i would secretly like to see. This has carried on into my adult life too…there are certain things i would like to do, that i seem to do very often in my normal dreams.

This could be a very good dreamsign! I wonder if other people have noticed the same thing? You don’t have to post what the secret wishes are, of course. Have this ever made you decide to not post even a normal dream? I remember reading a lucid dream post a while ago, where the poster held himself back in the dream in fear of posting it afterwards. Do you dream more about secret wishes than about known ones, or the other way around?

I think I have an idea as to what you’re talking about.

Personally, I think my more ‘secret’ desires or wishes surface more often in my dreams simply because I have so many of them as compared to their ‘not-so-secret’ counterparts. Good question.

And, even though I don’t yet have a dream journal on LD4All (recall’s a bit fuzzy since getting back into the swing of things) I have refrained from posting dreams on other journals because of things in their content I would prefer to keep private.

definately a good way of finding dream signs.
the sort of things that i don’t even necessarily daydream about, but desire on a concious level are usually a subject in my dreams, sometimes those desires being fulfilled.

no, i’m not a freudian. jungian. :smile:

sometimes it is a musical desire, which is something that i imagine is hard for a non-composer to understand. like a desire to compose something good, something meaningful. oftentimes in my dreams i will come up with some good compositions, fulfilling that desire.

other times it’s a desire for a relationship, as i am a very withdrawn and lonely person. i’m one of those people that it’s assumed are aloof and arrogant. this is really sad, but when i’m interested in a girl (to use elementary school terms, “like” a girl), i’m too shy, withdrawn, whatever, to talk to them, so i’ll often have dreams where i do talk to them and/or have a meaningful relationship.

strangely enough, fantasies of an erotic nature are never fulfilled in my dreams. ever. the ones that are fulfilled are usually of a deeper nature.

so it would make since to do a RC or something when all of a sudden your wishes are being fulfilled, which ironically is the last thing you’re thinking about doing while it’s happening, caught up in the moment and distracted by happiness, i guess.

If i described a good portion of my dreams they would sound very sexual/erotic in nature though that isn’t what they mean. Well to some extent they are but there are alot of deeper meanings in them but they might only make sense to me. I think that most of my dreams are fulfilling my intimate wishes quite often but at the same time they also help me vent too. They are usually one of those two or a combination of both

A lot of times in dreams I will hold myself back from doing something, because I will be at school or in public. When I wake up later, I will look back and wish I acted on my impulses because they would have led to a more interesting dream. However, there is the rare occasion when I decide against doing something, but then I realize I’m dreaming, so I do it anyways. Those are the most exciting parts of dreams; the moment when I first become lucid.